How To Replace Old Fashioned Door Knobs

Door lock parts ? The door is arguably the most important part of your home as it protects your entire household. It is therefore imperative to keep your door functioning efficiently at all times. There are a variety of reasons that may lead to a poorly functioning door lock such as dirt and grime accumulation and even defective latches.

The surest way to improve and maintain efficient functionality of your door is by performing routine maintenance. Here are some effective tips that will come in handy in maintenance of door lock.

Ensure that all door locks are thoroughly lubricated and cleaned on a regular basis

Door locks have many moving parts that have limited spaces in-between. If left unclean for a long time, dirt and grime can clog these limited spaces causing a door lock to stick or break because of increased pressure.

Regularly clean door lock surfaces using a soft cloth and a mild mixture of soap and water. After cleaning apply a lubricant on all the moving parts to prevent too much friction that can hinder efficient functioning of doors.

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how to replace old fashioned door knobs

Door Lock Parts : Tips And Tricks

how to replace old fashioned door knobs

Quick Tip

It is advisable to opt for silicone based spray lubricants that are impermeable to water. This types of lubricants will stick to the surfaces of the door lock or a longer period. Additionally, also use a spray straw that can access all the parts of a door lock.

Regularly seek a professionals help 

The average person can only do so much to maintain efficiently functioning doors so leave it up to the professionals. Since doors are used every day they need to be professionally serviced regularly.

Professionals will take care of thoroughly cleaning and lubricating con tact points and this may sometimes require reassembling and re-installation of doors. Ensure you call use a professional who is a licensed locksmith so that you get your money’s worth.

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Defective Latches Can Cause Problems

Ensure that defective latches are promptly fixed by a professional

A common cause of defectively functioning doors is defective latches. A defective latch is a serious issue that may sometimes require extensive repair and even re-installation. In most cases a defective latch is because the latch does not fit the striker plate well, this may require replacing the striker plate with one that perfectly fits the latch.

how to replace old fashioned door knobs

Avoid scratching keyholes and faceplates

When a door lock is frequently used, it regularly gets scratches around the faceplates and the keyholes. If this scratching is consistent and continuous it may impair the efficient functioning of a door. Although scratching is inevitable, it is advisable to not scratch excessively as this will hinder efficient functioning.

One More Lock Tip

Protect your door lock from rusting by using anti rust supplies

Look for a high quality anti rusting solution and regularly spray it thoroughly on the surface of door lock. Rusting prevents movable door parts from working swiftly and efficiently causing doors to jam and make squeaky annoying sounds. 

Ensure there are no loose door lock 

A door can only work well if all the door locks parts are excellently and perfectly fitted. Tighten up any exposed or loose screws promptly. 

These tips are indispensable in ensuring efficient functionality and durability of door lock parts.

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how to replace old fashioned door knobs

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