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Filterless humidifier have become even more important these days as a result of advancement in technology. In the past, people disliked filtered humidifiers as they were unhealthy, dirty and because they filtered all the mineral salts. This prompted companies to think of humidifiers. These humidifiers have many advantages and it is why many companies prefer manufacturing them.

A humidifier is able to keep the air not only clean but also moistened at the same time. This is one feature that endears them a lot to users. They make use of advanced cleaning technology which involves the use of electrostatic charge to get rid of any substance found in water.


Understanding What A Humidifier Is

In very simple terms, a humidifier can be defined as an electronic gadget that functions to put the moisture back in the air. In other words, the device helps increase the level of humidity of the air. This is important as it prevents your skin drying up during the cold seasons.

A humidifier is different because it works without filters. Traditional humidifiers came fitted with filters that kept the mist clean. In the case of filterless ones, they simply don’t have actual filters. Rather, they use a different technology which cleans the mist even without using filters.

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Filterless Humidifier Varieties

Kinds of Humidifiers

There are many types of humidifiers in the market and the specific type that you go for will be dependent upon your budget, preferences and the area extent. Broadly speaking, there are five main kinds of filterless humidifiers and these are:

1. Evaporators

2. Steam Vaporizers

3. Impeller humidifiers

4. Central humidifiers

5. Ultrasonic humidifiers

Each of the different types of filters above has been designed for specific use. Evaporators are designed to blow moisture while steam vaporizers are very budget friendly. On the other hand, impeller vaporizers are deemed to be child-friendly devices the reason being that they produce cool mist. Central filterless are meant to be put straight into the air conditioning unit of your home. Finally ultrasonic humidifiers serve the same purpose as impeller ones but with one difference: they give off cool mist thanks to the ultrasonic vibration.

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how to stop itchy eyes from allergies
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So What Precisely Does A Humidifier Do?

There are many kinds of humidifiers in the market today. However, all of these humidifiers have one basic function which is that they produce vapor into the air thus increasing humidity levels. If used correctly, a humidifier can help you prevent chapped lips, dry skin, nose bleeding or any other conditions that may be brought about by dry air. There are even studies that suggest that humidifiers can help reduce snoring in some people.


Advantages of Humidifiers

These types of filters have many advantages to users and some of these are listed below.

• The technology used in these filters is filter-free which essentially means that they don’t need regular filter replacements.

• They are very quiet when operating

• They are usually set up with antibacterial protection which prevents growth or migration of bacteria

• They come with variable mist settings that offer comfort according to the preference of the user

• They are generally good for health as they have been approved for the consumption of the user

• These humidifiers are especially important for your skin health and also prevent nose bleeding

While it is true that these humidifiers come with lots of benefits, experts warn against keeping your home to humid. Experts advise that you be aware of the percentage required for each particular season. If you keep your home too humid, it is likely to increase condensation, mold and insects into your home.

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Do You Need A Humidifier?

This is a question that many people ask regularly. There is no simple Yes or No answer. It basically depends upon you the user. If you want to have a smooth and moist skin, you definitely have to buy it.

A filterless humidifier also helps prevent instances of chapped lips while you are at home. So long as you want to steer clear of these conditions, you have no option but to go for a filterless humidifier.

Also these products are deemed healthy not only for you but also for your family. It is a good thing to own at least one filter.


How Do I choose a Good Humidifier?

Given the many types of filters discussed above, you need to know how to select the one that works best for you. So which one should you choose? We look at them in more detail:

1. Warm Mist Humidifiers

These make use of a heating element which boils water inside the humidifier and then release it back into the air as warm steam.


• Quiet operation

• Pure and clean mineral-free moisture

• Does not have wick filters to replace


• Consumes higher amount of power

• Most units only limited to small rooms

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    2. Ultrasonic Humidifiers

    These are the quietest humidifiers ever produced. They use high frequency sound waves in vibrating a metal diaphragm at "ultrasonic frequency". This breaks the water contained in the humidifier into very fine vapor mist.


    • Very quiet, almost silent operation

    • Don’t have filters to replace

    • Consumes lower power

    • Majority of units can only be used in small rooms

    • It is possible for impurities to enter the air as "white dust". The water must be distilled first to prevent this.


    3. Vaporizers

    This is a simpler and less expensive version of warm mist humidifier. It is also less powerful than a warm mist humidifier.


    • No replaceable filters

    • Quiet operation

    • Pure and clean moisture output which is also mineral free


    • Higher consumption of power

    • Does not have humidity adjustment controls

    • Restricted to only small rooms


    4. Impeller humidifiers

    These feature high-speed rotating discs that spin water in the direction of a diffuser. This then breaks down water into minute water droplets that are then released into the air as fine mist. Typically, these humidifiers are very quiet and usually don’t need replacement filters.


    • Lower power consumption

    • Quiet operation

    • Has no filters to replace


    • Use restricted only to small rooms

    • Lack humidity adjustment controls

    • Impurities can find their way into the air


    Final Word

    Filterless humidifiers have essentially replaced the traditional humidifiers. Their biggest advantage is that they do not use filters which have to replace from time to time. Thus they save you the money that you could have used to replace them. They also are quieter and save even more power.

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