How To Submit Ideas To Companies And Get Paid

Making money online has never been easier, especially with the existence of the sites and software that let you earn real cash from wherever you are. One of these sites is CashCrate. This is a website that allows you to get money for ideas. Basically, what you have in mind is what will get you paid.

You earn money by filling the surveys and other offer completions. There are some ad sites that will use to let people use their products and services and in return, they will get paid. So you are paid for sharing your opinions by answering the questions that are asked via the offers and surveys.

Free Offers

You start earning money all the way, from when you sign up for the website. As you take part in the research surveys, bonus surveys, cash tasks, bonus offers and cash offers, you will get paid. You will also be paid for referring the site to other people and when you are shopping online. 

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how to submit ideas to companies and get paid
how to submit ideas to companies and get paid

Get Paid For Ideas In Your Spare Time


How much will you earn when you share your ideas? lets you get money for ideas and earn a lot of money throughout the site. From when you fill in your personal details in the sign up stage, to when you give out your opinion on the surveys and offers.

Basically, you will earn more money as you are filling the offers and surveys. The more you fill them, the more money you get. The surveys will be paid from about .50 cents to about .80 cents. The cash offers will range from about .05 cents to as much as $30 and can go higher than that. 

how to submit ideas to companies and get paid

There are also the referrals, which will also earn you some money. For the new person that you refer, you will earn about 20% of what they get and if they make other referrals, you will earn 10%. In addition, you will get a bonus of $3, if the person you referred makes their first $10. 


When will be the money released?

Basically, you will get paid once you hit the minimum payout, which is $20. The payments will then be processed on the 15th of the next month and the check will be sent to you around the 21st of the same month.

You will not need to have a bank account or any banking card, since the money will be sent via the check, with the details that you filled when you were signing up. 


Earning points 

You can also earn points in the process, which are spent on the daily or weekly game. In case you win during the tournament, you will earn extra points, compared to the ones you already have. You can earn points by filling the point offers, along with the bonus point offers. This still depends on your ideas and opinions, which gets you paid. 

There are games that lets you earn points that earns you money in the long run. For instance, there is a game, the New Crates, where you can earn about 5 points and this will have a cash price of between 0.3 cents to about $1,000. The points will also range in terms of the cash. 


Using your ideas through the Offers and Surveys 

To start this, you will start by clicking on Earn Cash tab, which will allow you to start it earning money. You can select to show 100%, which will have the tutorial videos, which will help you throughout.

If you choose to complete an offer, you will need to use the right info, such as your email address, age, name, date of birth and other personal details. The thing is that, if you give the wrong information, you might not get paid.

Basically, the information that you provide in this section, must match the one that you filled during the sign up process. There are some offers that will send you a confirmation link to your email link. Ensure that you have clicked on the confirmation link, so as to activate the links and allow you to receive your check. 

how to submit ideas to companies and get paid TOP

The referral programs 

You can also earn more money via the referral programs, which will have two levels. To begin with, you will be paid about 12% of what the referral makes as well as 10% of what their referrals make.

The more people you refer, the more money you will earn in the long run. There are some members that make over $100, while others will get more than $1,000, which is basically from the referrals. This is one of the ways of earning quick and free cash, simply from the referrals. 


The live contests 

You can participate in the contests and earn some extra prizes and cash. There are contests that will be held daily, weekly or monthly. The members will be awarded with thousands of dollars in return.

It is simple to enter a contest and all you will be needed to do is start by completing the surveys and offers. When you fill the offers and surveys, you will automatically qualify for the live contest. You can complete more contents and the winner will be determined by what they earn. 

Get money for ideas and opinions will highly count when you fill the offers and surveys. It will be quite challenging, if you do not complete as many surveys and offers as possible. Since the winning probability will be determined by how much you earn, you will want to fill more offers and surveys. 

There are also some trivia questions that are offered during the live contests, you will share your ideas and they will be featured at least an hour, before the contest starts. The trivia questions will randomly appear during the live contests. Some for the prizes will include Amazon gift cards, Cashcrate cash, entertainment electronics and other prizes. 



With the right selection of offers and surveys, you will win a lot of money. Basically, if you share your ideas and opinions, you will earn free cash all along. This is how you can win cash on CashCrate by offering your ideas.

This is supposedly the easiest way of earning quick cash, devoid of any professional training. Your ideas will get you paid, so you can relax, get money for ideas, and be sure of earning fast cash from home.

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