How To Wire A Room With Lights And Outlets

Electrical wiring basics ? Electrical engineering is one of the most interesting fields to venture in. It unravels most of the myths surrounding electricity and especially when it comes to electrical wiring. To work on a simple electrical wiring does not require a technician and you can do it yourself.

All you need is some electrical wiring basics. You must have the knowledge how wiring system works right the authority supply to the end of the circuit on the consumer’s side. In this article, we will explore than main tips that will make your electrical wiring project a snap.

how to wire a room with lights and outlets

Electrical Wiring Basics To Help You Understand Your Connections

how to wire a room with lights and outlets

1. Get the right tools

Right tools in any electrical work is a crucial factor for the success of that project. Tools not only help you to work on the project fast but are also meant to enhance your safety. Each electrical wiring project is unique but there is always a set of tools that you must have.

Any electrical work will require a lot of cable cutting and thus you must have pliers for that. You will also need to strip cables and this you need to have the wire stripper. Other tools that are a must in an electrical wiring project include: 

• Screwdrivers and nut drivers
• Fishing tools for conduits/commercial application
• Measuring devices
• Voltmeter or voltage detectors
• Voltage such phase tester

What About The Wire Color Coding ?

2. Have the wire color coding knowledge

Wire color coding is a basic electrical wiring knowledge that any person dealing with electricity must have. It is very crucial especially if you are to deal with imported appliances since different countries have different wire color coding. The color coding may vary from the country of origin and thus you must be aware of which color is hot or live, the protective ground, and which one is neutral.

In the United States, most of the homes are supplied with two hot wires and one neutral. This why the coding in many homes is a black and red being the hot wires while white is the neutral.

If you are dealing with a 3-phase project where you are to install some heavy appliances such as the induction motors, then you need have the knowledge of a three phase wiring system. If you are dealing the common domestic voltage of 120 and 240 volts, then a 3 phase color coding will consist of:• phase 1 - black• phase 2 - red• phase 3 - blue• neutral - white or three white stripes• ground - green or green striped. The safety of the electrical wiring depends on proper color coding knowledge. Wrong connections can occur if color coding is misunderstood.

how to wire a room with lights and outlets

What Are The Basic Termination Skills ?

3. Have the basic termination skills

With proper tools and the accurate knowledge of the wire color coding, the last bit of the electrical wiring is the termination. It starts from the electrical panel connections, circuit connections and device connections.

You must have a clear understanding of how the electrical circuit works right from the panel connection to the socket outlet termination. If the electrical wiring demands the wiring of heavy appliance that consumes a 3-phase power, then you have to provide for that. Here are tips that should guide you during termination of the circuits:

• Use the right cables: There are two main areas that you must focus on while terminating the wiring: the lighting and the socket outlets. Lighting is known for consuming small current and thus, the cables will be the 14/2. Sockets feed power to complex appliances such as the drier and the ovens. Bigger cables such as 10/3 are needed since they can handle the large current that is required by these appliances. If you use small cables, they will heat up due overload and thus can easily cause an electrical fire.

• Avoid loose connection: one of the grave mistakes that you can make is having loose connections in your electrical wiring. Loss connections result to sparking and this can easily heat up devices and result in an electrical fire. To ensure that your work lasts a lifetime, avoid loose connections at all cost.

So What Is The Verdict ?

• Wiring devices: Electrical appliances or devices have to be wired correctly to make the connections secure and safe. You need to differentiate the devices that need 120-volt outlets and those that need 240-volt outlets. You also need to know how to strip wires properly, bend and tighten the connections so they provide a functional and safe connection for years.

These are the primary electrical wiring basics that should be at your fingertips. They never change no matter how huge the task at hand is. They are very simple and if you can manage to follow the strictly, then you will have a perfect wiring system.

how to wire a room with lights and outlets

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