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Vicks humidifier instructions can help any user get the most out of the machine. Breathing can prove quite difficult when having a cold or a sinus complication. Having a well maintained Vicks Humidifier which is designed to facilitate relief during such spells will go a long way in soothing complications such as coughs and congestion. Vicks humidifiers use special filters that are intended to eliminate air contaminants such as smoke, pollen, odors, and dust among others.

Unexpectedly, sustained use will lead to these humidifiers collecting dirt and thus demanding various forms of maintenance practices such as cleaning and replacements of parts, for example, the filters. In this post, I will walk you through various Vicks humidifier instructions in regard to setting it up, cleaning and other general maintenance procedures necessary for its optimal performance.

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How to set up ?

how to work vicks humidifier

i. After purchasing the Vicks humidifier, you will be required to inspect it for any damage. Special attention should be placed on the water reservoir, to ensure that it does not have any crack. Also, remember to inspect the cord for any glitch.


ii. Upon confirming that it is in perfect condition, place the humidifier on a flat surface in a location where no one will interfere with the cord. Avoid placing the humidifier close to the walls and furniture. Additionally, avoid having its directional mist nozzle point in the direction of any wall, furniture or person who might use it in future.

Vicks Humidifier instructions for operating it


i. As the first rule of thumb, always unplug the humidifier when not in use.

ii. In preparing it for use, ensure that the humidifier is still unplugged while the power knob is in the “Off” position. 

iii. Remove the water tank and refill it with cool water before placing it back to the humidifier.


iv. Always inspect the humidifier for dust and other dirt at its base and nebulizer.

v. Ensure that your hands are free from water before plugging in the humidifier and operating it.

Cleaning the Vicks Humidifier

As earlier mentioned, the humidifier is bound to collect dirt and dust while in operation making it a valuable exercise to clean it on a regular basis. This can entail cleaning it on a daily basis (for general cleaning), and a more comprehensive cleaning formula performed after every week of use. A well-maintained humidifier can help ease symptoms of allergies and the common cold.

Conversely, having a poorly managed humidifier will result in it breeding bacteria and molds which can consequently trigger or worsen body complications such as Asthma and lung infections. This shows just how imperative it is to ensure that your humidifier is in its optimum conditions at all times if it is to benefit you in the long run. Let’s now jump directly to the instructions on how to clean the Vicks Humidifiers;

how to work vicks humidifier

Daily Cleaning


i. Before proceeding with any of the cleaning steps, you will be required to turn off the humidifier first before unplugging it the from the wall outlet. Be sure to perform the cleaning process on a flat and spacious surface.


ii. For the models that have a removable container, you may start by pulling out the water tank and the water tray. Be careful to avoid interfering and damaging the wicking filter.


iii. Remove the cap on the water tank before emptying the remaining water. Flush the container using fresh and warm water for models that have a separate water tank from the water tray. For the other models that use a water reservoir instead, you will need to empty the base of any remaining water before flushing it with warm water. Dry it by wiping it with a clean cloth or paper towel.

iv. Finally, wipe down all the reachable areas of the humidifier using a dry cloth especially on the exterior of its top housing. The purpose of drying is to prevent a possible electric shock that might result from the dampness on the humidifier’s surface. Also, ensure that parts such as the vents, dials as well as all the mechanical or electronic access areas are free from water.

Comprehensive cleaning of Vicks Humidifier (weekly exercise)


i. Empty the water from the removable tank before flushing the tank with warm water. Allow for airflow through the wicking filter and only stop it once the filter is completely dry. Turn off the humidifier before unplugging it from the wall outlet. Remove the top housing, empty the remaining water and subsequently wipe it dry as is the case with daily cleaning.


ii. Lift the wicking filter from the tray, doing this carefully to avoid tearing it. Replace the filter if needed.


iii. Pour undiluted vinegar into the water tray and allow it to set for about 30 minutes. The vinegar will help loosen the scale deposits that might have attached on the tray surface. Rinse with warm water.


iv. Clean the pickup tube using vinegar to help loosen scale deposits as well. Additionally, wipe down the interior parts of the top housing using a vinegar dampened sponge or cloth. Remember to clean the area around pickup tube hole as well.


v. Wipe down the entire interior of the water tray using a vinegar dampened cloth to clean out all the scale deposits loosened during the vinegar soak. Rinse with warm water.


vi. For a more presentable look of the Vicks Humidifier, always ensure to clean the exterior on a weekly basis using a dry cloth. This includes cleaning the inlets, filters, outlets and all the mechanical and electrical parts. For the underside and the cord, use a dampened cloth to clean where appropriate.

how to work vicks humidifier

Additional Vicks Humidifier instructions to observe


- It is important to disinfect your humidifier once in a while using a mild solution of bleaching agent. This kills all forms of molds and other contaminants such as bacteria which thrive well in damp conditions.


- It is also important to consider changing your humidifier’s filter once after every three months although this is dependent on the water quality in your area. However, a weekly inspection of the filter is recommended.


- For the models that use scent pads and UV light bulbs, it is important to consult the manufacturer’s manual for directions on servicing or changing these parts.


- Avoid having the humidifier’s base immersed in water since this can result in electrical shock and possible injury.


- Finally, always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer in cases of unclear guidelines.

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