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Writing a blog post that sale can be very strenuous if you do not know how to go about it. Incorporating free coupons to lure online users into subscribing to your blog can help you earn more money online. Here are some useful tips to help beginners write top-quality blog posts that sell. 

1. Know Your Audience

It is important to know your target audiences before you begin writing your blog post. Are you targeting school going kids or older internet users? Do you know what type of content will augur well with your audience? Once you get satisfactory answers to these questions, then you can start planning on other useful features of your blog post. Your audience will help you come up with an engaging topic for the blog post. 

2. Research on what other Writers are saying about the Topic

It is important that you should know what other writers are saying about your topic of interest. For example, if you are writing a blog post on luxury hotels in California, look for keywords, key phrases and article tone used by other competitive writers. This might include personalized packages offered by the hotels for specific customers. Some keywords to look for in this example include free Wi-Fi connectivity, kids’ centers, indoor swimming pool and affordable room service. 

3. Choose a Working Title

A working title will help you in coming up with unique content for your blog post. It is important that your title should be unique, catchy and well optimized for top ranking on search engines. A lethargic title will put off internet users and potential readers from going through your blog post. A title such as “Learn how to make your Website More Appealing” is not engaging enough for your audience to click through the link. Examples of catchy good titles on the same topic include “5 Perfect Ways to make your Website More Appealing” or “6 Reasons why your Online Site is not appealing to Online Masses”. 

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4. Write an Engaging Introduction for your Audience

Understanding the topics to blog about and coming up with an engaging introduction part for your audience can help you keep them glued on your web page(s). You can use rhetorical questions, a joke or grab the reader’s attention with captivating statistics and facts about your topic.

The introductory part should be able to sell the other contents of your post to the reader. For example, if your post is about Real Estate Development in Chicago, Illinois, your introduction should state useful facts such as the population of the city, the number of registered real estate agents operating in the area, the types of housing units and the prices one is likely to pay for the properties. For example, if you were talking about diapers coupons you could make sure to start off the topic with an intro sentence.

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5. Organize your Content

Organizing your post’s content is one of the fundamental tips for writing a blog. You can use numbered lists, useful tips or just plain text to reach out to your audience. How you organize your ideas will determine if online users will take their time to read the content. It is advisable to use headers and numbered list for easy scanning by hasty readers. For example, with diapers coupons you can make sure to include it in the body.

The content should also be more appealing to the reader. You can use a blog post template to customize the theme so as to make your audience feel at home as they access your web page(s) or you can upload unique high-quality photos and video programs for visual appeal. The post should not only be attractive to your set audience but also to other internet users who might come across it by chance. 

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6. Polish your Post to Remove Mistakes

Typing errors, grammatical mishaps, font size errors and general formatting mistakes should be dealt with as soon as they are noted. This is an important tip on how to write a blog post that can attract a wide range of internet users. People will ignore your post and other future writings if such errors are all over the content. For example, if you were discussing diapers coupons make sure to spell it correctly.

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7. Optimize your content for On-page SEO

Keyword research, Meta descriptions and effective placing of headers and sub-headers for on-page SEO is important for improved ranking on search engine programs such as Google, Yahoo Search and Bing. Your post will only be visible on top pages of search engine programs if effective SEO strategies are utilized during content creation. You can hire SEO professionals to help you optimize your web pages if you do not know how to go about it. For example if you were to talk about diapers coupons make sure it is sprinkled throughout the article.


8. Customize Your Pages with Unique Graphics

Graphics on your web pages might not seem to be important, but such additional features make your work unique and therefore help in making your content popular among internet users. Your web pages are more likely to attract potential customers if the graphics have appealing colors than if you use dull, uncoordinated paintings for the content.


9. Time the Publishing Period for your Content

Timing the publishing moment for the content is very important. Get your content for viewing to the right people at the right time. Do not just publish your post for the sake of publishing. For example, if you are selling gumboots and your blog post focus on promoting these items, then you should at least wait for the beginning of the rainy season to publish your post.


10. Promote your Blog Post

Writing and publishing your blog post is just the beginning of reaching out to the ever-expanding number of internet users. Promoting your blog post through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp can help you reach more people and get other perspectives on your writings. You can also use click-through links and word of mouth to promote your post.


11. Insert Call to Action at the End of the Post

A blog post will not be complete if there is no call-to-action inserted at the end. Call to action inserts will enable your readers to post their responses, review your website or even subscribe to your blog. You can also direct them to buy your eBook or register for a Webinar. Call to actions is also a great source for improving on conversions and overall sales of your blog posts. 

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