Industrial Strength Carpet Cleaning Solution

Professional cleaning machines has been around forever. Dirt devil name has been around as long as I can remember, mind you I am a 70's baby so that is saying something. When I decided to research about this machine I wanted to better understand the history behind the commercial hype. When you have a company such as this one you have to understand its origin and how they were able to build a house hold brand name. This company got its first start in the state of Ohio, in the city of cleveland. They year that it got its first start was in 1905.

They have a very extensive product line which include some of the products that is most used in our homes today some of them are vacuums, carpet machines, canisters, hand vacs, stick vacs, and believe it or not automated pool cleaners. They have a very interested slogan of "Lets Go". They managed to create a cyclonic system by the year of 1955. 


I found something even more interesting that they create a cadillac version if you will of vacuum cleaners called the Royal Line it is more upscale than its commercial success version of vacuum. These machines are known for their cyclonic filtration they have the ability to clean up most messes because of the powerful suction that it provides. When it comes to professional cleaning machines you need versatility. It is very versatile as it can move from hard floors to bushy carpets in no time because of its easy touch foot pedal. This machine has the style and capability to clean anyone's home with ease.

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Professional Cleaning Machines

industrial strength carpet cleaning solution

With these machines they come with an on board tool kit that has multiple components which includes an air powered turbo tool, an extension wand, and a crevice tool that can be used for upholstery. It also comes equip with a surface selector.

With professional cleaning machines adjusting your height is very important. This allows you to create the height adjustment that is necessary for the home so it does not matter if it is deep carpets or low floors this machine can maneuver through all spaces. My favorite feature of this machine is no doubt my personal reason for doing a review on this machine is that it has a quick rinse hepa filter that is designed to trap 99.97% of dust and pollutants that is in the air.


This is excellent if you have problems with allergies like me, it seems as soon as you clean the air dust returns but with these types of filters it can help clean your environment. However, we will not stop their as they make other products to that is worth mentioning.

The stick vac is by far one of the most underrated devices to use and the advantages of using one can not be overstated. Because these machines are light weight they are ideal for cleaning kitchen floors. And it has the capability to fold down the handle for compact storage, with a charging base this allows you to give it continuous use when not in use. 

industrial strength carpet cleaning solution TOP

Tired of carrying around that heavy upright and canisters don't match up to the style and sleekness of a stick vac. Well this is why I am talking about it because it is so versatile when it comes to cleaning floor debris. Now for those who want a little more power but with out the dusty bag then I suggest the canister vac as well because it is light weight and it has no bags attached to it.

The easy and dump-able canister makes this one a fan favorite. Remember when it comes to maintain your house and using a vacuum you have to prepare the area first, you get the best usage out of these machines when they don't have to do all the work.


Cleaning is still a physical job the key is to use the best tools to do the job but remember you still have to put in the effort to clean. Before all of these machines was made accessible to us we had to put in the manual labor to keep our houses clean and free from dust.

Dust is all about an area not being physically cleaned. Which is why it is imperative that we as home owners continue the fight about the dirt in our home. Their are dust particles that we cannot see that can still have an effect on the air we breath. The reason why dirt gets trapped sometimes is that in the home you may have carpets that have not been removed from the floor in 10 years.

industrial strength carpet cleaning solution TOP

The dirt is trapped in and under the carpet so even if you do clean the carpet the dirt is still present underneath the floor. Which is why it may be a good idea to clean the floor under the carpet as well so as to get the residual dirt that may exist. Another amazing statistic that impressed me that the handheld vac was the largest selling handheld at 25,000,000 this gave the company the latitude to create more innovative products. Their are probably many vacuums that can meet your cleaning requirements.


My reason for doing a review on this one in particular was because of the cyclonic filtration and the HEPA filter. These I think in my opinion are the number 1 reasons why these machines are good for the home. This site is all about the promotion and removal of dust inside the home so I am motivate to do additional research when it is on a topic that I am very passionate about.

The best cleaning is the one that you are actively engaged in the vacuum only represent a tool that you use in an effort to get rid of dust in your home. In order to maintain your home from dust and debris you have to constantly wipe down furniture and clean debris from around the house. Letting even 1 week go by can be a big whole in the indoor atmosphere. To remove dust use non-toxic solutions that will not interfere with your respiratory system. A clean air a environment is a livable breathable environment. Professional cleaning machines can provide a healthy environment.

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