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Kirby vacuum bags remember back in the early 70's and 80's before kirby bags when you was a child and your mother told you go clean your room. You would be like ok Ma I will, and then she hit you with the "don't forget to use the vacuum" and you be like dang ma I got to vacuum the room to and she would say yes. Then you get into your cleaning mode and start to clean your room carefully picking up your clothes, big pieces of paper, and any other debris that might be on the carpet.

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Then that magical time comes and your turn on your vacuum cleaner then POW!! a big poof of dust comes out of the vacuum clean so much so that it makes your cough and your wave your hands to get the dust out of your face. The problem after you open the vacuum cleaner the bag pops off and all that dust is coming from that old raggity bag.

In addition, sometimes the dust even stinks peeewwwww !!!LOL So you make an attempt to change the bag and you had to wait to remove the bag carefully because the bag of dust is moving each time your moving it to the trash can so there is now a trail of dust in the atmosphere.

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Kirby Vacuum Bags The Beginning

Long story short after you finish cleaning your room all of a sudden you find that your eyes gets watery and red, then you start sneezing, and then coughing all the while you are lying down in your now clean room. The problem you have officially been DUST BOMBED and you are now sick. You yell MOM I need some allergy relief and she comes to your room with the medicine those were the good ole days. I remember it like yesterday. I wish I had kirby vacuum bags back then. 

kirby vacuum bag alternative
kirby vacuum bag alternative

Fortunately those days are long gone now and due to ever changing to technology we now have in our reach the capability to invest in better products. During my research I happened to come across a vacuum cleaning bag that was specifically for allergies. When I first saw it I was like no way this is not for real. But guess what it is for real, and it gets better. Not long ago there was this company name the Kirby company and they design vacuum cleaners.

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Jim Kirby was the designer of the product named the vacuette in 1920. The facinating thing was that his name was not utilized on any of the vacuums until the year of 1930. Fast forward to today the Kirby company is owned by Scott and Fetzer which is in fact owned by Berkshire Hathaway home the the great Oracle himself Warren Buffet.

This company vacuum sales was about 1.1 billion by the year of 1999. Which during those days those were some great numbers. Which leads me to the reason I am writing this article. The kirby vacuum bags had good revenue.

For us allergy sufferers this can be a nightmare when we have to change vacuum bags, there is a bag that was developed by the Kirby Company that can assist with those who suffer from allergies. Nothing like beating a dirt dirby with a kirkby this particular bag is unique because it has a Ultimate G Allergen system that is capable of capturing 99% of all airborne allergens down to a 1 micron.

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In addition to that the bag in itself has a seal that helps the user to seal the bag completely shut, this prevents the dust dirby from occurring, in addition it has the rubber seals that shut the bag completely tight. Why this is important because you don't want allergens to be in the home especially while your are sleeping, ever woke up in the morning and your eyes are red, or you have the sniffles but the house was at a comfortable temperature, that is the allergens in the air from all of that vacuum dust that you have been breathing throughout the night not even knowing that it existed.


What should I be aware of as a consumer ?

So before I conclude this article there are couple of things that I would like to mention when it comes to vacuum bags, these are tips to keep in mind when you are about to buy a vacuum bag. And to be honest some of these tips goes without saying however I will say them anyway as a reminder to folks who are not familiar with the architecture of vacuum bags as always I encourage people to do their own independent research as this is what I found during my research.


TIP #1 Ensure that you have the correct model number of your vacuum you will be surprised by how many people tend to miss this simple fact.

TIP #2 Make sure that it has some type of filtration system that can catch all the dust particles in the atmosphere as you don't want to be breathing in that air when you are done clean

TIP #3 Please be advised that if you are going to invest in these types of bags ensure that you have a ample amount in terms of the number of bags, you at least want to get 9 bags in your possession. This will help you for future cleanings.


I must admit that I personally did not know bags like these existed on the market I think that is awesome to help combat the quality of indoor air. Indoor air is such a mystery to alot of people myself included which is why I am out here doing research to find out better quality ways to improve my air space.

Cleaning is part of the air battle the other part is ensuring that what you clean on the table is not migrated to the air, or what you vacuum off the floor does not fly back out to your air space. It is important that you understand cleaning without collection is confusion. If you never tried kirby vacuum bags you should anything to help with the fight of allergies.


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