Lg Front Load Washer Leaking From Bottom Of Machine

Machine leaking drips can not only inconvenience you but can also lead to extensive water damage to your property. Before you notice that your washing machine is leaking, it may be too late and the damage may already be done. Here is a brief but detailed rundown of 5 effective ways you can prevent your machine from leaking.

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Machine Leaking Don't Fear Check Out These Ideas

lg front load washer leaking from bottom of machine

1) Install Flood Protection devices that can automatically detect flooding and prevent further damage

There are currently many flood protection devices on the market such as an automatic water leak detection device and a flood sensor. Both of these devices are easy to install as they need no professional skill or specialized tools. All you have to is follow the simple manual. The automatic water leak detector notices water leaks immediately and prevents further flooding and damage by shutting off the cold and hot water supply.

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On the other hand the flood sensor prevents excessive water machine leakage by detecting water on the floor and sending an immediate signal to the control unit. The floor sensor has an alarm and a sensor. The alarm alerts you that your machine is leaking while the sensor automatically shuts off the valves. With such devices you will be able to considerably reduce damage as a result of leaking.

Am I Using To Much Detergent ?

2) Economize on the use of detergent

Avoid using too much detergent especially if your washing machine is high-efficiency. Excessive use of detergent can lead to clogging of the overflow tube. When the overflow tube of your washing machine clogs; the washing machine will leak at the front.

Excessive detergent leaves behind a sticky residue that accumulates in the overflow tube. If your washing machine has a water-softening system, it will contribute to the clogging of the overflow tube.

Quick Tip: Soak a washcloth that you have washed in the washing machine in hot water. If the washcloth sprouts suds, it is an indication that you are using too much detergent.

3) Avoid overloading your washing machine

When you overload your washing machine, the spin cycle will make your washing machine jump and cause added stress to the hoses and connections. Continuous overloading will lead to washing machine puddles.

4) Check and replace your supply hoses regularly 

Hoses are susceptible to wear and tear and overtime they become brittle and develop cracks which can cause machine leaking. Regularly check the condition of hoses and replace them immediately you notice any signs of cracking so that the leakage doesn’t catch you off guard.

lg front load washer leaking from bottom of machine

What About The Door Gasket ?

It is advisable to replaces hoses at least once every five years. This is because although the damage may not be visible outside, there may be extensive damage on the inside. It is also recommended that you opt for rubber or plastic hoses- rubber and plastic hoses are enclosed with high quality and durable stainless steel that is insusceptible to wear and tear. 

5) Regularly sanitize the door seals to reduces incidences of machine leaking.

The door seals (door gasket) of a washing machine are vulnerable to mold and mildew accumulation which can prevent the doors from shutting tightly. Every time you clean your washing machine, ensure you pay attention to the gaskets by wiping them with vinegar.

This simple cleaning technique will not only prevent mold accumulation but will also prevent door seals from cracking which leads to leaking.

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