Light Switch With Red Black And White Wires

Light switch diagram ? Do you want all the required data to make the process easy and less complicated? If yes, then I am here for your help. I will reveal five ways that can help you to install and fix the wiring issues. Before going ahead with this article, I would like to say that though it is an easy process, but your minor mistake can lead to a life-threatening situation. If you are truly want to know about the light switch wiring diagram, your first step needs to be turn off the main connection to ensure that you are in the safe place to start with this procedure.

light switch with red black and white wires

Light Switch Wiring Diagram Steps To Solutions

light switch with red black and white wires

First, you need to follow the safety rules before starting up with the wiring diagram. If you are totally new then try to get the basic. It is always important to follow the safety measures to avoid any accident. Moreover, without safety, you will not only harm yourselves by this process, you can also harm others and damage the entire system. Hence, safety is the first requirement.

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Once you know what the safety measures are and how you can protect yourself, then you can go to the second step. 

1. Turn off the Supply 

First, turn off the main switch on the fuse box. Remove the fuse from the main switch to restrict others to turn on the lights. And make sure that no one is there to supply the power in your absence. If there is any possibility, then allow someone to stand there until you have finished the wiring. Do not trust others. Go and check yourself to ensure that the fuse is removed and someone is present there to observe the activities. This is the first step and everyone needs t follow it to avoid any risk. 

Check The Wires And Safety

2. Check the wires 

Do the final safety checks to make sure that the power supply is stopped completely. To do this, remove the ceiling rose cover from any of the roses of the lights by keeping it in an anti-clock direction to pose the wires within- do not touch the terminals’.

Now you can use the voltage tester to test the voltage of the live and neutral terminals of that ceiling rose. Turn on all the lights to ensure that they are not working. You just need to do it to avoid any possibility of connection from any other circuit. Once you are sure that none of them is working and the power supply is totally stopped, you can start the process safely.

3. Take the picture of your old switches

This is important to avoid any confusion while installing a new switch. Take the complete pictures of all the aspects such as where it should be installed and what will be the proper place. You can also mark some signs to know the proper places to distinguish different types of the lights. This is important if you are replacing light where many other switches are available.

4. Remove the old lights

Now you can remove the old lights safely. As you have stopped all the power connection, there is no fear of any danger. Just remember the wires and connection while removing the old switches so that you will not find any confusion while installing a new one. 

light switch with red black and white wires

New Installs And Professional Assistance

5. Install the new one

After removing the old one, you can install the new one following the same procedure that you have done for the removing. Follow the same wire connection and fitting to make sure that all of the connections are proper. You should double check the entire procedure to ensure that all the connections and fitting are done correctly. In the case of any confusion, ask the professional before checking the lights.

You can follow the same tips for repairing the switches. For the repairing, you might need some more knowledge and caution to understand the fault and to know which one needs attention. Remember that electricity cannot be taken easily under any circumstance.

If you do not have any knowledge about the power supply and electricity then never ever try to do it on your own without the supervision of any professional. If you have some basic knowledge about it then you can try it on your own, but take the required safety measures. 

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light switch diagram

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