List Of Businesses To Start With Little Money

Are you looking for the best list of small business ideas which will definitely boost your income? Are you ready to make the biggest profits with as a low as $1500? Do you desire a risk-free and debt-free business? Are you an entrepreneur who desires to be your own boss?

There are millions of reasons as to why most entrepreneurs fear venturing into business – lack of sleep, may go into debt, poor social life, too risky, less profits and more. However, this doesn’t keep people from starting new businesses. For instance, each year there are over 600000 new businesses. Most of these are owned by individuals. Well, this is why you should take a leap of faith and start your own business:

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List Of Small Business Ideas That Most People Miss Out On

list of businesses to start with little money

You will enjoy tax benefits. Entrepreneurs such as freelancers write off some expenses such as food, phone bills, travel expenses and more. In addition, some business startups qualify for government incentives.

· If you master your schedule, you will enjoy a lot of spare time. Employed people work for longer hours but get less pay. Starting your own business gives you some freedom and an opportunity to make more money.

· You will get to choose the people you work with. This will not only boost the profits but will also enhance positivity at work. When working for someone else, you will not choose your co-workers and honestly, not all of the will be compatible’ with you.

· By being your own boss, you don’t have to worry about getting fired, laid off or downsized. You are the one running the show. 

Now that you have a glimpse of the benefits of owning your own business, here is a list of small business ideas that you might consider starting at home.

The Best Small Business Ideas for Anyone (start with $1500 or less)


There is nothing better than selling your accountant services to other business owners. You should create fliers outlining which kind of services you will be offering. However, you must have some training, licensing and experience. You should be ready to work on some income statements, balance sheets or other monthly or annual financial reports.

Business plan services

People are constantly looking for great business plans. Take advantage of this situation and earn some money by simply doing some market research, designing unique business plans and more. On your add-on services, ensure that you place your rates for each task.

list of businesses to start with little money

Buying and reselling on eBay

The internet and technology came to make things easier by providing thousands of job opportunities. You can make a lot of money by buying and reselling products on eBay. For instance, you can buy local products at a discount and resell them at a profit.

Bicycle Repair Shop

Even though this business is seasonal, you can overcome this obstacle during winters by converting your shop into a bicycle storage unit. Some of your customers will also require some repairs and tune-ups on their bicycles. You might consider opening your shop on Saturdays to attract more customers. 

Cleaning services

If you are looking forward to providing cleaning services, you should know exactly which direction you would wish to take. For example, you can focus on retail businesses where your customers are on one or two blocks. On the other hand, if you desire to work on hours where no one’s home, you can go for office clients. Don’t limit yourself. Provide cleaning services to restaurants as they need thorough cleaning on daily basis.

Chimney Sweep

Most homeowners don’t like to clean their chimneys. Why? Dirt, dirt and more dirt. Here, you can combine chimney inspection service with chimney sweeping. You will decide whether or not the chimney needs more than just cleaning.

list of businesses to start with little money

Computer Repair Services

You might require some licensing, experience and training to start this business. Computer services can be related to hardware or software problems. Hardware services involve inspection of all physical components such as monitors, scanners, keyboards, mouse and more. On the other hand, software services include installing OS, deleting malware and viruses, installing programs and more. 

Dog Breeder

In USA, pets are very popular and purebred dogs are everyone’s favorite. Therefore, becoming a dog breeder will fetch you a huge sum of money in USA. Create a reputation for your business by showing people that you care about animal health and welfare.

Event Planning

This business offers a lot of expansion opportunities. Visit each and every potential location you plan to work on. Take tours with the marketing manager on each site. Know what you can do on each location and start a database for each venue. Does a site need rental chairs? How many people will it hold? 

Golf Coach

If you are good at playing golf with years of experience, this is a good place to sell your services. Create relationships with local public institutes and encourage them to recommend you as a gold coach. You might also look for clients in the corporate world. You need to be a good teacher, know how to motivate your students, willing to work with different types of people and be more than average.

Home Energy Auditor

As economy becomes harsher, people are constantly looking for ways of cutting down their utility bills. Lend them a hand by auditing their homes and coming up with a breakdown of how they could save money from cooling, electrical appliances and heating. Provide efficiency ratings and calculations for each appliance depending on its age. 

Freelance Writing

Working as an online freelancer can be a good source of income if you are good with words. You only require two things - talent and skill. Start making money from your computer from the privacy of your home today.

Interior Decorator

The best people to work with here are building contractors. Let them know how good you are. People will always be attracted to possibilities and choices of interior home decorating. Come up with questionnaires for each room. Will the homeowner have children and pets?


There are other small business ideas which will definitely earn you some money. You don’t have to be employed to live happier. Be your own boss from the list of small business ideas provided above. Keep in mind that some of these small businesses can be expanded to huge organizations. This list of small business ideas are great options if you plan to run a business from home.

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