List Of Essential Oils And What They Do

Essential oil kits ? Young Living is a company that was started by a man who was passionate about essential oil kits and spent most of his early life travelling and researching about distillation methods of essential oils. The company has marketed its oil products in kits over the years.

Each kit usually contains nine high quality essential oils which can be used for varied purposes which include improving the fragrance of the environment and use of the oils as beauty products.

All oils sold by the company in this kits are one hundred percent natural thus they confer numerous advantages to the user; the fact that this oils are biodegradable means they are environment friendly, the natural oils will very rarely induce allergic reactions in people and the oils are multipurpose.

The newest of Young Living essential oil kits contains ten different high quality oils like the other kits. The oils are all natural and can be used for a wide variety of things. Moreover, the company sell this kit that you will find very useful and relatively cheap prices. Ever been let down by some other oils? Not sure of which oil kit is best for you? You only have to read through this article and you will be sure of which essential oil kits is best for you.

Essential Oil Kits : What Makes These Packages Special ?

list of essential oils and what they do

Young Living new essential oil kits

The kit contains the following ten different oils:

1. Peppermint – this oil has very many uses. This uses include:

· Relieving muscle aches after exercise or working-out. Post-exercise muscle cramps and aches are usually due to accumulation of lactic acid and can be very painful. No need to worry, rubbing the aching part with just one or two drops of peppermint can relieve you of that pain.

· Hair care – natural oils can be a very good recipe for hair care. Peppermint promotes growth and regeneration of scalp and skin cells thus promoting good health of scalp and preventing dandruff.

· Supports health of digestive system – a mixture of water, citrus, salt and peppermint drops can help boost good health of your digestive system when drank on a regular basis. Rubbing the oil over your belly can also help.

Lip balm – just in case you have this common problem of having your lips excessively dry and cracked- peppermint is a good recipe.

2. Pan-Away – this oil might not have that catchy smell at first but you will love it because of its many uses. The uses of the oil include:

· For a healthy musculoskeletal system – correct dilutions of this oil can be applied to muscles that cause discomfort and relieve any discomfort.

· Relief after workout – a massage with this oil after exercise can relieve all your muscle cramps and body aches

· Bath after workout – a cup of Epsom salt with four drops of this oil in a water bath can be very helpful for body relaxation after exercise.

3. Purification - a blend of Lemongrass, Citronella, Rosemary, Lavandin, Myrtle and Melaleuca. Uses include:

· Odor removal – a carpet freshener that can remove odors off your carpet. A few drops of this oil can also remove odors in stinky shoes.

· Spray for hot weather – smells fresh and clean and can alleviate outdoor annoyance.

· Deodorant – a good natural recipe for this. You can mix it with a little water and spray it below your pits.

· Hotel spray – you can never told who last used the hotel bed you use when travelling. Use this oil mixed with a little water to ensure the bed is clean.

list of essential oils and what they do

4. Copaiba – has many uses as follows:

· Supports body - the oil is good for health of multiple body systems including cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal and neurological systems.

· Relaxation and uplifting – the essential oil kits helps give you a sense of well being

· Highest amount of beta caryophyllene (55%)

· Boosts creativity – by improving neurological function, the oil boosts creativity and general cognitive and psychomotor skills. 

5. Lemon – a big powerhouse capable of cleaning both your body and your house. Also has a great taste. Uses include:

· Dish soap – very easy to make soap with this oil. You will surely love the fragrance and effectiveness of the soap.

· Cleaning cabinets – your cabinets will surely shine and even look new.

· Adhesive remover – oil, grease, gum, glue and crayon can be difficult to remove on cloth or surface. This natural oil can do for you the job perfectly. 

· Wood polish – this oil will keep your wood shining and smart.

6. Frankincense – an old essential oil that is also very famous. You will find the oil amazing for the following uses:

· Skin care – this recipe is particularly good for facial skin.

· Healthy nails – a capsule of the oil as part of your beauty routine will definitely improve the health of your nails.

· Relaxation – a few whiffs of this oil will give you the feel good factor.

list of essential oils and what they do

7. Thieves – good for hospital cleaning but also gentle enough to be used on the skin of your child. Uses include:

· Foaming hand soap – a soap that will clean your hands and keep them smooth.

· Cleaning spray – gentle enough to be used for breathe freshening.

· DIY dental recipe – a homemade toothpaste that is effective and free of chemicals.

8. StressAway – the oil can be used for:

· Stress busting – just by applying it on your wrist or neck, the scent helps relieve you of stress.

· Perfume- a fresh scent.

· Salt scrubs – a good gift for a friend, they will surely like it.

· Relaxing bath – relieves you of any tensions following a tough day

· A sweet drink – a few drops in water make a good stress relieving drink.

9. Lavender – one of the most used essential oil. Uses include:

· Relaxation and sleep – rubbing the oil on your feet, spraying it on the pillow or a lavender bath in Epsom salt water will definitely be soothing.

· Promotes good health of skin

· Ensures smoothness of skin around eyes – works better when mixed with coconut.

· The fragrance can help you maintain your composure

10. RC – a blend containing Cypress, Spruce and Eucalyptus. Uses include:

· Exercise – rubbing this essential oil kits on your feet or chest uplifts your mood for sport.

· Relaxation and sleep – massage with the oil on feet promotes a good rest.

· Raindrop replacement – the oil can be used for the amazing raindrop massage.

· A mood setter

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