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Central air conditioner reviews is probably the best possible solution when you are looking to cool off your home. But when moving into a new place, most people will find it hard to figure out which exact central air conditioning unit to purchase, as the choices are many and they all cost a lot of money. It will be crucial for you to pick the exact right central air conditioning system to avoid any unnecessary hassle. 

Various central air conditioner reviews can give you an idea of specific products, but not always the idea of what you should be looking for when buying a central air conditioning system. This is why we created this guide, to attempt and give you some guidelines you should follow when looking to install a central air conditioning unit in your new house. 

We have looked at dozens of central air conditioner reviews before writing up this guide and have made sure we know exactly what their main selling points are before we proceeded to write this up for your convenience. 

Central Air Conditioner Reviews You Can Trust

most efficient air conditioner temperature

Where To Start

When you are looking to install one of these central air conditioning units, the first thing you will need to look for are ducts. Does your house have ducts and what size are they? A house without any ducts at all will require their installation, which can be extremely pricey, but in the end it will be worth it as central air conditioning will save you money down the line and will really keep your house cool during those hot summer months. 

most efficient air conditioner temperature

Now even if there are ducts installed in your house, you will need a professional to determine if they are the right size for your house. Too small ducts will lead to very noisy operation and insufficient cooling to your rooms, which is not what we want. 

Even when you do have ducts (either from previous heating or designed for cooling systems), you will need to choose the right size central air conditioning unit as well. The proper size of the unit will determine if the cooling will be exactly right or if you will be sweating or freezing throughout the year. With this again, you should usually have a professional come and tell you what kind of power you will need. 

Central Or Split Ductless

Central or Split Ductless

When choosing the type of air conditioning unit to install you will mainly need to look at how much of your house you want to cool and heat during the year. If you are looking to cool your entire house, a central air conditioning with ducts will be the way to go. If you only want to cool off some rooms, you will probably be better off going for split ductless air conditioning. 

The main difference is in how they operate and how complex they are to set up. The central air conditioning will require ducts to be installed in your house, and if none are present this will be a pricey and time consuming project.

Once installed, your house will have cool air running through these ducts and into every room of your home, making it a paradise to live in. Once you have decided you want a central air conditioner you will want to look at central air conditioner reviews to find just the right one for your place.

most efficient air conditioner temperature

Split ductless systems, on the other hand, come with one outside located condenser and several indoor units with blowers. The indoor units will circulate refrigerant between them and will cool off the rooms they are in very well, but don’t expect them to do much for the rest of your home. This is a cheaper and simpler variation, so as usual you get what you pay for. If you live in a small house, split ductless system will be exactly what you need. 

What About The Contractors ?


Once you have made an informed decision on what system you want and what size and brand you will purchase, it is time to get the contractors in to start the work. You will want an experienced and certified contractor, so don’t be shy to ask them to show you any certification they may have, or any other recommendations.

If they show you papers, at least use Google to find out if those are worth anything. Additionally, a good practice is to ask your neighbors or friends who have had similar work done to recommend the person who did it for them if they were happy with the work done.

The contractor you bring in to install your air conditioning will often also be the one assessing what kind of cooling you need. If they are, make sure you get all the information they stated in writing. This way, if something goes wrong at a later point you can come back to them and ask for additional work to be done, often for free if it is their mistake. 

If you can find a licensed company that also does later maintenance of air conditioning systems, this would be best. Once you establish a relationship with such a company you will no longer experience any issues contacting your contractor or getting them to help out with any malfunctions at a later date. 

central air conditioner reviews


While we went out of our way not to mention any brands or do any advertising here and not make any specific central air conditioner reviews, we do hope our guide helps you make informed decisions on how to purchase central air conditioning units. If so, the brand name will matter less and as long as you follow the guidelines we set for you we are confident you will come up with the right solution and get the right unit for your house.  

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