Most Efficient Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Fireplace insert reviews ? While a large number of people having masonry fireplaces in their home opt for gas log sets, installation of gas inserts would actually be a better idea. That’s because gas inserts are better performers as far as efficiency and heat-producing ability are concerned.

Another factor that makes opting for gas inserts a wise decision is that these units possess a blower, which enables proper heat circulation. A log set, on the other hand, would not provide any such facility.

Before you purchase a gas insert for your fireplace, you must read through as many fireplace insert reviews as possible to ensure that the product you are planning to buy has all the necessary features.

Read on to find out how to make the best use of those reviews. 

most efficient direct vent gas fireplace

Gas Fireplace Insert Reviews : What To Look For ?

Know about the type 

Once you have decided to buy a gas insert for your fireplace, your next job would be deciding whether you will be purchasing a vent-free unit or a direct-vent unit. Reviews would allow you to find out what type of gas inserts the products shortlisted by you are.

Direct vent inserts would need venting through chimneys, while the vent-free units are completely self-contained, which means they would not need any additional component to function.

The other major difference between the two kinds is that unlike the vent-free units, the direct vent inserts come equipped with a fixed glass panel which would seal it off from your room.

most efficient direct vent gas fireplace

A vent-free unit would remain open to your room and thus will use the air inside the room for combustion.

When deciding on the option that would be best suited for your home, you must keep in mind the regulations in your area. That’s because there are many areas in the United States where installation of vent-free gas inserts is not allowed.

However, if you have the permission of using vent-free appliances, opting for a vent-free gas insert would be a good idea, both due to its efficacy and the aesthetic value it would add to your home. 

Know the size and type of surround/flashing 

Reading fireplace insert reviews is essential also for knowing about the actual size of the product you are planning to purchase. Usually, inserts are designed for fitting into most fireplaces. However, still you should ensure that the one you are looking to buy would fit into your fireplace aptly.

most efficient direct vent gas fireplace

That’s because some units are made unusually small. Reviews from experts and existing users would help you to know whether the unit picked by you has any such issue regarding its size. Some top companies make inserts in various sizes to ensure that their products fit both large and small fireplaces. 

You must remember that every fireplace is different. So, you must measure the exact size of its opening to find out what would be a perfect surround or flashing for accompanying the insert. You will need the surround or flashing for covering up the remaining portion of the fireplace opening.

Read the reviews well to find out what kind of options the inserts shortlisted by you are offering. There are some that offer decorative options. For example, you will come across units that instead of having the common black metal flashing come equipped with a surround made of cast iron.

If you care about the appearances of your fireplace’s gas insert, check the product specifications mentioned in the reviews carefully to know about all available surround and flashing options. 

Check venting specifications 

It’s obvious that you should be concerned about venting specifications of a gas fireplace insert only when buying a direct-vent model as vent-free units would not require any venting. Direct vent inserts get vented by means of flexible collinear liners, which run alongside each other up the chimney. 

fireplace insert reviews

The first liner is required for exhaust, while the second one is meant for intake of free air for combustion. The diameters of these liners tend to vary from one insert model to another.

The high quality units come with liners with diameter ranging between 3 and 4 inches. Read reviews well to find out how broad the liners of the product picked by you are. The reviews would also help you in gathering knowledge about the quality of the collar plate and cap of various direct vent units. 

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