My Electric Dryer Is Not Getting Hot

Everyone will try to do something to solve the problem of my dryer won’t heat. There can be various reasons for which my dryer wont heat. But while finding the solution of your problem first of all you must know the kind of your dryer so that you can find appropriate solution. They are available in two types, electric dryer and gas dryer. 

Before starting to search the cause of the problem and repair your dryer you should turn it off by unplugging it from electric circuit or turning off its supply of gas, depending upon the type of dryer you are using. 

Now you can start trying following options to check and repair the fault for which my dryer won t heat. 

my electric dryer is not getting hot

My Dryer Wont Heat Then You Need To Check The Power Supply 

my electric dryer is not getting hot

Check power supply

If you are using an electric dryer then first thing to focus on is it power supply. You should ensure that the circuit breaker is not obstructing the supply of power to your appliance. The circuit breaker linked with it should be in proper working condition as it won’t heat your dryer if its switch is in the half or experiencing a breakdown.

You can try to on and off the circuit breaker some times to ensure its proper working. You will have to replace it if it does not heat up your dryer after repeated efforts. Another thing you can try to ensure the power supply to your dryer is the voltmeter. You can use it at the outlet of the dryer to know whether it is fully powered or not. 

If you are using gas dryer then you should ensure that there is no blockage in the supply line of the gas. Sometimes my dryer wont heat because of that. If the gas supply is continuous then the problem can be in your dryer only.

What About The Internal Mechanism Of The Dryer ?

Check the internal working of the dryer

If the problem is in the mechanism of the dryer then both types of dryers can be dealt similarly. You will have to first of all test their continuity to test their internal working by using a continuity tester. You can use user manual provided by the manufacturer of your dryer or search in internet to know how to test the continuity of the device according to its model no. and brand as there can be some difference in the process.

The first thing to be focused on while testing the continuity of the internal working of the dryer is its fuse. The location of the fuse depends on the type and brand of your dryer as some have in the rear of the unit whereas some have in the front or on the exhaust path or under the removable back of the machine. After finding the fuse you can see whether it is intact or blown away. You can replace the fuse in case my dryer won t heat and if it fails in the continuity test.

my electric dryer is not getting hot

Lastly, Check The Heating System

Check heating system 

After ensuring the continuity of the fuse of your dryer the next thing to check is its heating system. Whether your dryer runs on electricity or gas, there must be some source of heat to heat up its entire system. 

In electric dryer the heating element includes a metal coil with two contact points to connect it with the circuit of the dryer, supported on a framework. My dryer won’t heat if the coil of its heating element is broken. You can use continuity tester to test the continuity of the coil from its both the ends. You can replace its coil if the tester is not showing continuity of the coil.

In case of gas dryer the heat is created with the help of a burner instead of a heating element. Many components of a gas dryer take part in heating it up. They can fail with time to affect its heating.

Some of these parts can be replaced after testing their potential whereas some can be replaced to ensure continuity of the internal system of the dryer by guessing or on the basis of personal experience. Coils, and flame sensor are some of the parts of gas dryer that can be tested with an ohm meter before replacing them.

In this way, you can try to resolve the problem of my dryer won t heat after ensuring its power supply or continuity of internal system but if you fail then you should call a professional immediately to make it workable for you.

my dryer wont heat

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