Outside Ac Unit Not Coming On In Your Home 

Outside ac unit not coming on. Ac fan motor you will end up saving a lot of money if you will master ac fan diagnosis and replacement tips. The cost of replacing an AC fan motor can go as high as $200, but you will easily save a lot if you will learn on how to do the task on your own.

Most manufacturers will provide detailed instructions on how to install their motors; you can take advantage of such descriptions for you to master the art of dealing with the motors. You need to assess the condition of your motor before you start replacing the fans. There are several common problems you need to learn so that the work of replacing your motor will be easy.

outside ac unit not coming on

AC Fan Motor Common Factors And Problems

ac fan motor

Common AC fan motor problems

Check the fan blades

The fan blades should spin freely in normal operation. You will easily know after you take time to observe the blades. Another common problem you need to check on the motor so that you will know whether it is working well is to check on the temperature of the motor. If the motor is becoming hot when in operation, then you need to replace your fan motor if you will like to be assured of the best services.

Tips when buying replacement motor

If you discover the main cause of your air conditioning problem is the motor, then you need to buy the right motor and replace it. There are several types of motors available which can be distinguished depending on the power consumption and size. If you have a system which you will only need a replacement of the motor, then you need to go for a motor which is compatible. Some of the factors you need to consider so that you will buy the right replacement motor include:

your unit not keep you cool follow me

What About The Motor Diameter ?

1. Motor diameter

The fan motors available will vary on the size of diameters. You will find the motors in 3.3, 5, 5.5 and 6.5 inches. It is always necessary to check your already existing motor so that you will know the right size for you to buy.

2. The operating voltage

The motors available will vary on the voltage at which they operate. Common ratings available include 115, 208-230 and 460 volts.

3. The horsepower rating 

You can find a motor in 1/8, 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, and 1 horsepower. Most common universal motors available will be rated at 1 horsepower.

4. The size of the shaft in inches

For your AC motor to easily fit in your system where you will like to replace it, then you need to take into consideration the shaft size in inches.

5. The speed in rpm 

There is a specific rotation per minute which your system can easily operate. In order to make the right decision when buying your motor fan, you need to stick to the right rotation speed.

6. The direction of rotation

Most universal motors have dual rotation directions. This makes it easy for you to install them to your desired direction. If you are buying a specific motor which only rotate in a specified direction, then you need to take note of the rotation direction.

outside ac unit not coming on

What About The Replacement Of A Fan Motor ?

7. The mounting method

Universal motors can be mounted in multiple ways. But, you should take note so that you will avoid buying a wrong motor.

AC fan motor replacement guide

1. Switch off power to the unit

You should ensure you have switched off power to eliminate possible cases of electrocution. After switching off power, you will be required to note down the colors of the fan motor wires and the position where they have been connected.

2. Loosen the bolt on the band which connects the motor to the unit

This is necessary to easily remove the motor so that you can replace a new one. You should take note of the mounting of he already existing motor because different brands will have varying connections.

3. Remove the fan blade from the motor

This can be done by loosening the screws after which you will twist to remove it from the motor. When twisting, try to be careful not to damage other parts.

4. Replace the motor by following the procedure you followed when removing the malfunctioned motor. After you have replaced it, you should test the rotation and other components to ensure it is working well. 

outside ac unit not coming on

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