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The purpose of this privacy policy is to communicate to you the user how I will be collecting information on this site. Please be advised that I will not be requiring any user to provide me with information regarding themselves personally.

If in the event you want to contact me you will be required to use your first name and email address. Outside of these elements of information I will not need to collect anything personal from you. At this time I do not have a news letter to offer anyone so you will not be required to opt in for any special offers or news letters from this site. 

What about my personal identity information ?

Please be advised that the only information that I will require from any anonymous visitor to this site is if only they desire to fill out the contact form. At which time you will be asked for your first name and your email address. I will not be requiring anyone to give me their personal information at anytime while you visit my website. I have no need for your personal information so please do not give it to me. It has no relevance or benefit to the use of this site.


What type of personal computer information can be collected ?

My web host provider has the ability to collect system and internet generated information, as a result the following data can be collected through you visiting this website. That information could be the internet browser name, how users are connecting to this website, operating systems, and also internet service providers. This information will aid me to develop relevant content to enhance users that are using this site. This type of information is gathered by most websites on the internet that are web host providers.


What about internet web browser cookies ?

As an internet user and browser your browser automatically create cookies on your hard drive to document where you have traveled on the internet, you as an internet user have ability to refuse cookies or set up an alert to let you know a cookie is being created. I have no control over anyone's cookies. You are the keeper and owner of your cookies.


How would you use the information collected on website visitors ?

This is an easy answer as I only have a couple of intentions which are to provide a better user experience and also provide better relevant products and services.


What about Third Party websites and advertising ?

Through out this website you will see sponsored ads embedded in the content these ads are to provide support of the original content topic and to provide you with an additional resource. Please keep in my that I have no control of the ads look or feel, I have no control of how the ad acts in any way, shape, or form. These ads are sponsored by the third party vendor. Please be advised that this privacy policy does not in any way shape or form covers the usage of cookies by third party vendors.


Privacy Policy Changes

Please be advise that changes to this policy can occur at the discretion of the website publisher. I encourage each website visitor to check this page often to see if any changes impacts you. Through usage of this website you agree that it is your responsibility to review this policy for any current changes and or updates. 


Agreeance of these terms

When you are using this website you acknowledge and accept the this current privacy policy. If you don't agree to this current policy then I would appreciate that you don't use this website. If you continue to use this site even after additional policy changes or updates that will signify your acceptance of this privacy policy. 


Contact Me:

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us at:

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Last updated: December 25, 2016

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