Ravensara Essential Oil Internal Use

Ravensara (Ravensara aromatica) was in the laurel group of botanical plants and belongs to the genus Cinnamomum. Ravensara grows about the island of Madagascar and also the oil comes through steam distillation from the branches. Traditionally ravensara is called by the people there as "the fat that heals. " Its title "ravintsara" means "good leaf" discussing its many many benefits. 

How Can Ravensara Gain Us Today? 

Ravensara is usually anti-tumoral, antibacterial anti-fungal, antiviral and antiseptic for action. It is used for Herpes virus as well as other viral infections, neck and lung bacterial infections, Epstein-Barr/chronic fatigue predicament, whooping cough, mononucleosis, hepatitis, shingles, cancer and pneumonia. It can be supportive to both nerves and respiratory system.

This is a fantastic oil for uncomfortable throats (put a few drops under the actual tongue or with a sugar cube. ) The key effect of ravensara is usually expectorant and antiviral and in this sense is a superb choice for the actual immune and respiratory system systems.

This oil continues to be likened to lavender from the sense that it's universal curing oil. As a new cross between clove and also nutmeg, it can be very helpful the adrenal glands. The essential oil is totally non-aggressive and is also used close to the face and neck without the problem.

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Ravensara Essential Oil : What Is The Best Use ?

ravensara essential oil internal use

Ravensara essential oil can be Applied neat (undiluted) about the body, directly inhaled or diffused. In aerosol type, it can become breathed very close to the diffuser without any problem. You can use 2-4 drops upon location, on the chakras or vitaflex points about the feet as properly. For those who can be sensitive and find the Eucalyptus oils too harsh for his or her lungs will find ravensara essential oil a better choice. As with regard to safety, ravensara oil is non-toxic, non-irritating, and also non-sensitizing.

Unique scents produce distinct outcomes. Lavender is amongst the favored oils. It offers a light, clean smell that attracts women and men. It is said to have a calming effect any time inhaled. Burning a lavender candle creates an unwinding, calming smell that is certainly conducive to pleasure and sleep. Lavender in addition as antiseptic properties. It is considered effective at lowering blood pressure and reducing heart rate. People are left feeling calm and responsible.

ravensara essential oil internal use

Want to find out more about the curing properties of ravensara essential oil as well as other essential oils? Consider transforming into a certified aromatherapist. Educational courses throughout healing energy and aromatherapy will help you understand how important oils heal the actual body/mind/spirit. the Institute regarding Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy is usually teaching educational courses across the united states on the curing properties of crops including ravensara.

Boost Your Physical Wellness 

The drastic change from the lifestyle has given birth to several problems & diseases. The toxicity amount, poor diet, lack of exercise and other sorts of environmental factors are responsible for degrading health requirements. The essential oils and essential oils infused supplements assist in improving your wellness standards. As they are extracted from normally occurring herbs, these contain nutrients & vitamins that include proper nourishment to the body. 

Refine Your skin 

The essential oils are viewed as as the best fix for various skin linked problems. The cosmetics containing these oils assist in providing proper cleansing from the skin. These assist in providing nourishment to the skin cells. Types of environmental factors like light, dust, weather and also pollution, adversely affect our skin. To counter the result of these factors and provide proper health food, these oils are popular.

ravensara essential oil internal use

Rejuvenate Your Soul 

Our body needs pampering to acheive complete relaxation. To get rid of anxiety and tension, the massage is the best therapy. The essential oils are popular in this therapy because of their pleasing fragrance and also healing nature. The particular massage helps throughout revitalizing your heart. Moreover, the pleasing odor of these compounds helps in having a positive energy inside body.

Purify Your home 

The essential oils infused compounds also become insecticides. Owing to this property, they are widely used to make various insect resilient compounds. 

Meditation & Spiritual Healing  

The fundamental oils and products contain they are widely used throughout aromatherapy. In this kind of therapy, the fragrances play an essential role in offering healing from numerous diseases. The pleasing odor of these compounds helps throughout rejuvenating the heart. These help lots in providing complete wellness with an individual.

100% Pure 

The best oils are from the highest quality and also contain no synthetic additives. They are Accredited Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) which can be the highest testing for essential oils. Oils which have been of this grade experience extensive gas chromatography and also mass spectrometry tests to guarantee they are 100% real.

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years to fix ailments dating back to the Egyptians. But know every person has access to lots of different oils from the far reaches from the earth. The best crops are grown indigenously within their native countries. Frankincense originates from Oman, Lavender through France, and Of lemon in Italy.

Fat Products 

Many products use oils in the individual to make these individuals more natural and also safe. Skin proper care, lifelong wellness, and bath products to name a few. Essential oils are widely-used in products including lotions, vitality packs, soaps, diffusers, and more. 

Frankincense, Melissa, Peppermint, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Lavender, Of lemon, and Wild Orange are just some of over 30 unique plants and oils produced. Each one having its own distinct perfume and effect.


Aromatherapy is a wonderful cure for a lot of internal ailments a large number of prescription drugs can't fix. Diffusing into the environment using cold water along with a diffuser makes it possible to bring the curing power of oils to your body and right to the problem. 

Ravensara essential oil will also be great to provide topically on skin. Oils placed along with the stomach can affect the inside and also relieve any issues there. Also employing oils to remedy mental issues, headaches, dieting, mood, muscles, natural skin care, and a number of other ailments that influence everyone everyday. 

Aromatherapy is one particular things that when you finally use them you will never look back. It can be hard to imagine devoid of them around and also everyday new things are simply that I incorporate the use of them on. They're especially good with regard to children who can't take normal medications. They will help you save money on insurance plan, doctor's visits, drugs and lots of things you can't even think about. 

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