Tall Vs Short Water Heater : Which Do You Prefer ?

Electric water heater comes in all shapes and sizes. Water heaters are one of the prime requirements of our day to day life. People mostly prefer the electric water heaters as they are easily accessible and can run for a long time. Different types of the models are available in the electric water heaters such as traditional, tankless, and portable.

Many things depend on the frequency of the use. If you want to buy the electric water heater then you will have to consider many factors such as the price, model, durability and the size.

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Best Electric Water Heater Produces The Great Benefits

tall vs short water heater

Benefits of the electric water heater

If you choose a good model then you will spend less on the energy. Moreover, electric water heaters come with many installation options. A vent free model can be installed in your bedroom as its operating process is quiet and there is zero emission. Even if with a vented model, you will get more options than the gas models. A quality product will have less impact on the environment. It can be run through wind energy, solar energy, and other sources. 

tall vs short water heater

Types of the electric water heaters

As mentioned earlier, three types of the electric water heater are available in the current market. 

Traditional water heaters

These water heaters are widely used. They come with a large tank; usually with fifty gallons. The water is heated either from the bottom, top, or from the both. Some modern and developed models use the heat pump system like a refrigerator, but the difference is that here it works in reverse. This is a good option for the large families. 

What About Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters

You can hook this water heater directly with the plumbing of your home. It will heat the water instantly whenever you need. With this water heater, you can have enough hot water if it is within the charted flow rates of the device. 

Portable water heaters

Portable water heaters are good for the transportation. You can use it for a boat, UV, and for an outbuilding. The best thing about the portable model is that it requires less energy. It can run on 110v instead of the 24v that are usually needed for other types of the electric water heaters. These water heaters are low powered and have low capacities. If you have a small family like one or two people, then portable models can be the best option for you. 

How To Know When To Chose The Best One ?

Which one is the best?

The benefit of a traditional water heater is that you can easily replace the malfunctioning one. You just need to exchange the equipment and the job is done. Moreover, it is good for large families. The advantage of the tankless water heaters is that they can provide instant hot water and they have the lower utility cost. When it comes to the portable models, it can be used in the multiple places. You can use it in your cabins, in bedrooms, even if while you are traveling.  

tall vs short water heater

How to choose a electric water heater 

While choosing an electric water heater, you first need to understand what your requirements are. If you are using it more frequently then you should go for a heater that comes with 6.0 GPM flow rate. Another important thing is that how many people are using it. If you have an average family with six members, you will need 9.0 GPM water heaters.

For a small family with three or four members, you might need a water heater with 6.0 GPM. Many things depend on the frequency and on the purpose of the use. You can also consider the size. If you go for a traditional water heater that comes with a big size obviously it will require more space and the energy. A tankless water heater is expensive and its installing process is not easy as well. 

Price of the electric water heaters

If you want to buy the best model, you might need to spend $2,000. The price will be nearly same if you buy a developed model both from the traditional and tankless models. You can also get a suitable one within $500 to $600 in both these models. For the portable models, you will have to spend $200 to $300.

Electric water heaters are usually considered as a good heating option. You should go through the above details and choose the best one depending on your requirements and budget.

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