Therapure Uv Germicidal Air Purifier Plug In

Germicidal air purifier helps protect your environment. Air pollution is a major concern in our environment today. You must be well aware of the implications that breathing in the contaminated air has on our health. Health experts name air pollution as the leading cause of conditions such as asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies and many others.

Come to think about it; we spend most of our time indoors that is whether at home or work. On that note, you want to ensure that the air within your indoor space is free from contaminants. With pollutants such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen and domestic smoke, you may agree that the air you breathe at home may be the reason you always catch that annoying flu or wake up with itchy eyes.

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therapure uv germicidal air purifier plug in

As if that is not enough, unhealthy microorganisms such as mold, fungi and bacteria also pose significant health risks in addition to causing stuffiness in your house. Luckily, with a air purifier, you will quickly get rid of bio-aerosols, viruses, and allergens hanging around your home.

Germicidal Air Purifier Dimensions And Features

Technological advancement has seen air purifiers take on a new turn. Devices that we relied on to rid our homes of allergens and dust can now destroy germs known to cause colds and flu by utilizing knowledge in natural silver, ultraviolet light, and sterilizing heat. Apart from common cold, with germicidal air purifiers, you can say goodbye to influenza, tuberculosis, strep throat, and even staph infections.

Below is a review of air purifiers intended to maintain a healthy living and working environment for you.

therapure uv germicidal air purifier plug in

What Are Ultraviolet Air Purifiers ?

Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

Also known as an air sanitizer, an ultraviolet air purifier makes use of ultraviolet light to kill airborne allergens, bacteria, germs and viruses. When the room air passes through the device, the natural light destroys the pathogen's DNA structures rendering them unable to reproduce. As a result, the organisms quickly die off, and you are left with clean air circulating in your space.

Before you jump to ask whether ultraviolet purifiers are safe, you would love to know that their UV bulbs are enclosed in the air purifier housing. This means that you will not come into contact with the light bulb unless the need for bulb replacement arises in which case you need to switch off the unit. Choosing a model with a long lasting UV bulb is a good way of avoiding the hassle.

therapure uv germicidal air purifier plug in

Envion Therapure TPP240 Permanent HEPA Type Air Purifiertherapure uv germicidal air purifier plug in

What Are Silver Infused Air Filters ?

Silver Infused Air Filters

By nature, silver exhibits some antibacterial, antifungal and anti-viral properties and recently, these benefits have become widely preferred in the air purifier business. For instance, silver nanoparticles have the ability to attack a cell membrane, repress the cell's nutrient transportation system and hinder cell division. This in itself tells you that germs do not stand a chance. Just to put emphasis on silver's effects, recent studies indicate that silver can kill the HIV-1 virus and other virus strains such as the avian flu.

By considering these tremendous benefits, leading air purifier manufacturers have integrated silver infused air filters in their units.

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Envion Therapure TPP240 Permanent HEPA Type Air Purifiertherapure uv germicidal air purifier plug in

Air Sterilizers

This type of air purification involves the use of heat to destroy persistent germs, and other airborne pathogens. When your room air enters this air purifier, it passes through a sterilization chamber with high temperatures of about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. During this time, the airborne germs are incinerated and destroyed. After that, the pure air undergoes cooling to comfortable temperatures and is released back into your space.

Air sterilizers are advantageous as they eliminate 100% of airborne germs and also carry little maintenance costs. Unlike the other air purifiers, you may never know the strife of replacing air filters as air sterilizers do not use filtration to capture pathogens.

Before we conclude, you will be pleased to know that germicidal air purifiers also remove volatile organic compounds from your indoor air. VOC's are responsible for causing short-term irritations of the eyes, nose, and throat. Long-term exposure may lead to cancer or even complications of the liver, kidney or the central nervous system.

Since we are spending more time indoors, it 's nice to embrace germicidal air purifiers as they will help a lot to curb feelings of sickness, nausea, dizziness and exhaustion that may be caused by germicidal contamination. You will also agree that these units are more efficient than conventional air purifiers as they can capture even much smaller particles like viruses, and germs.

All that said this technology does not stand in place of good sanitation practices and healthy living habits.

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therapure uv germicidal air purifier plug in

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