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Best cleaner for wood floors ? Rather than recommending what I think is the best cleaner for hardwood floors, I will discuss the characteristics that I think one should look for when deciding on which one is the best. When if comes to floors specifically wood you want to ensure that you have the best machine available. Some people may argue that the best cleaner for wood floors and hardwood is all the same, and maybe that might be true.

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However, their are different kinds of wood for different floors. Your floors hands down are the most trafficked area within in the home. You think about from early morning when you are eating breakfast, to when you may stop by the house for lunch, and all the way up until dinner.

This is where most of the home is traveled whether you are single or have kids no one can deny that you floors are the most traveled in the home. Because of this fact you constantly gather different substances within your floors.

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Particularly dust and sometimes their is so much dust that it can make an imprint of your foot within the floor. Let us not forget our friendly pets that constantly follow you around the house, they also carry dust with them as well.  

So you must be asking yourself well if that is the case then how can I get rid of that extra debris that is all around me, well good question stick around and keep reading and you may soon find out the answer. When you talking about the best cleaner for wood floors you want to find a device that is able to collect the debris along the edges of the wall. 

Best Cleaner For Wood Floors and Tight Spaces


Also, in the area of tight spaces, you want to also have simplicity meaning their are no necessary attachments that you have to contend with. You also want to find a machine that has a v curvature that can collect large particles and debris in the area of the suction path. Having the best cleaner for wood floors will allow you to do that.

You also want to find a machine that can collect fine small debris as well. You want to make sure that you find a device that can easily clean around the furniture pieces in your home. In addition, you want when you collect all the necessary dirt that it is easy to discharge and remove.

vacuum without beater bar for hardwood floors

You don't want to breath in the dirt because that is a quick path to either allergies or post nasal drip which can cause coughing which is something that we don't want to encounter. You also want to ensure that you have a long cord at least 20 to 30 feet in length because this will give you the ability to move around with ease and allow you to make u turns or turn corners. Now just for a moment let us shift gears I have mention all the things that you need to be aware of when you are researching for these type of machines.

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Let us not forget that the only way to get the best usage out of these types of machines is to clean the necessary parts of the machine. The best cleaner for wood floors come in different shapes and sizes. Each of these machines has various parts that you will need to maintain while they vary from machine to machine this is probably the number one reason why sometimes people may say these machines does not work. Sometimes these machines comes with washable foam filters that you have to clean to maintain the vacuum.

With respect to the sound of the vacuum you want to ensure that when you make an investment that it is relatively quiet when cleaning you don't want any loud noise while cleaning your floors that is just annoying. Also, it may be a good idea to buy one that is bagless this will make it easy when it is time to discharge for the dust.

My belief when it comes to these types of machines you always have to prep the area that you are going to clean. Many people have a tendency to just jump right in when it comes to cleaning dirt and debris, I feel some wood floors you would want to may sweep first to remove excess off the floor.


I know you might be saying well that is why I am investing in one of these machines so that it will do that for me and I agree. However, we are talking about prolonging the life of the machine less work mean less wear and tear on the machine itself.

Speaking of wear and tear you want to ensure that you have a great warranty period their are a few of these types of machines that has an excellent warranty period one in particular I believe is 6 years !!! I think that is awesome from a product stand point you want to be able to able the support structure in place should something happen to your machine.

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I think when it comes to these types of machines for your wood floors you have do your research and not buy something because of the name. You should always look at customer reviews and when appropriate the various ratings of these types of machines. In the end it is about maintain the air quality in your home and investing in one of these types of machines will allow you to do that. Based upon your own individual needs you will learn exactly what is quality as it relates to the usage of the machine on your own floors.

Not all woods are the same there are different variants which will preclude me to believe that some of the woods may hold more dirt than others. Remember when it comes to air quality and improving your own home these are just tools in a never ending battle to remove dust you just want to ensure that you have the best tool avaialble to do the best job. These machines are very helpful and are great tools to have you want to make sure that it does the job that it was designed to do.  

Keep in mind that you need a machine that can age along with your growing needs as you look for better ways to clean your house. You don't want to put investments into a machine that the company is not doing additional research to enhance or make the product better. Whether you are a mom on the go or a do it yourself dad it is very important that you can find a product to balance your business house hold needs.

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