Washing Machine Makes Buzzing Noise Not Spinning

Your washing machine may fail to spin due to a number of reasons. In some cases this is brought about by very simple errors that you can fix without the help of an expert. Other cases require the help of a qualified washing machine engineer to solve due to their highly technical nature.

It is important not to attempt such repairs on your own as you might be risking personal injury or damaging of the machine permanently. Below are some of the causes that may lead your machine not spinning, ranging from the easiest to solve to the most complicated.

machine not spinning

Machine Not Spinning Start Here First

washing machine makes buzzing noise not spinning

1. Abnormally large load.

When the machine detects a load that is heavier than the required weight, it will automatically abort the spin cycle. This is a safety measure that most manufacturers have put in place to ensure that the machine does not move about due to the load. 


Always ensure that you do not overload the machine. Before troubleshooting for any other reasons the drum might not be spinning, try to lessen the load and see if it is the cause.

2. Blocked filters.

If your washing machine is not spinning, there is a chance that the filter could be blocked. Blocked filters are usually accompanied by a lack of drainage.

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Remove the filter and clear out any objects or accumulated debris that could be the cause of the blockage. This should be a repeated practice to ensure that your machine is draining normally. You should check your filters on a regular basis.

What About The Faulty Drive Belt ?

3. Faulty drive belt.

How to diagnose:

To check on the drive belt, use your hand to turn the drum and feel the amount of resistance. You can check on the drive belt from the front of the machine. If the belt is broken, the drum should spin easily and for longer because it is no longer connected to the motor. This is easier to determine when performed by a person who is accustomed to the normal spin resistance of the drum.

For more accurate results however, you should unplug the machine and open the back panel to see whether the belt has come off or is broken. Although it is not normal for the belt to come off, it happens from time to time. The belt can also break but this is usually after a long period of use.


Keep in mind the following when you are facing a faulty drive belt:

· The belt should be replaced when broken

· Some machines do not allow for adjusting of the belt and in such cases, ensure that the belt is replace, regardless of whether it is broken or just loose

· If you have a machine that comes with motor slots to adjust your belt, make sure you only make it fairly tight. It should be able to move slightly from side to side.

What Happens When The Motor Faults ?

4. Motor faults.

You could be having problems with your machine because the motor itself or its components are not functioning properly, and this might be why the washing machine is not spinning. This requires a lot of diagnostics to pin-point the cause of the problem. Common problems arise from the failure of the following parts:

a) Carbon brushes.

How to diagnose

The first thing you will notice when your carbon brushes are worn out is a grating sound that the washer produces when spinning. If on investigation you notice that the carbon brush is charred and a sooty at the tip, it means that it has not been making good contact with the armature and therefore, it needs to be replaced. 

washing machine makes buzzing noise not spinning

Electronic Control Modules 

Be very keen on the degree of wearing out of the brush. Normally, it should only be worn out slightly due to friction. However, if it is damaged to the extent of losing a chunk, there is a chance that there is a faulty armature as well or electrical shorting inside the motor. Unfortunately for these scenarios, the problem cannot be solved only by replacing the carbon brushes.


Replace the worn out carbon brushes. Ruling out any further complications, this is a simple DIY task.

b) Electronic control modules.

Possible scenarios include the tacho coil detaching from the motor, connection faults between the machine control boards and the motor, faulty pumps or even problems within the PCB itself. All these faults may be the reason why the washing machine is not spinning.


These parts are quite expensive so you have to be sure where the problem is. Seek the help of a washing machine engineer in order to know what exactly needs to be replaced.

Always ensure that you pin-point the exact problem before taking any action. Feel free to contact an expert in any of those scenarios just in case you are not sure if it is the reason behind the machine not spinning.

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washing machine not spinning

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