Website Printable Coupons Without Downloading Coupon Printer

Pay attention to which retailers let you use double couponing. Double couponing lets you double the fact value of a coupon. For example, a double coupon turns a fifty cent discount into a dollar discount. Combined with sale prices, you can get groceries for free or nearly free. 

Check the dented can aisle, bakery near-expiration shelf and other sections of the store where the retailer is trying to move the merchandise. How to get free groceries with coupons will depend on your ability to look for bargains. To be honest, a dented up box of pasta doesn’t look as pretty but doesn’t pose a threat to your health. And a two dollar box of pasta marked down to a dollar because it is no longer as attractive as others on the shelf becomes free when you use a coupon to buy it.

Dented cans, as long as they have not lost their seal, are significantly discounted – and you can usually whip out a coupon in conjunction with that mark-down even if other sales prohibit coupon use. If the butcher block or bakery have marked down items close to their expiration date, most store managers will still let you use BOGO coupons or “$2 off your next purchase” coupons to offset the product’s price. 

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How to Get Free Groceries with Coupons and Cashcrate

website printable coupons without downloading coupon printer

How to get free groceries with coupons from your favorite products ?

Be flexible on which items you buy using the coupons. For example, the cereal bar flavors that aren’t selling well will often get marked down significantly over the prices of the popular flavors. How to get free groceries with coupons will depend on your ability to be flexible. And the berry flavored cereal bars marked down because few people buy them are as eligible for further discount using coupons as the popular apple or strawberry flavored ones.

Another bonanza for couponers is finding items that are marked down when they are being discontinued. The discounts offered when the store won’t offer that flavor or product anymore can often be combined with manufacturer coupons to let you get the items for free or nearly free. 

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Free Offers

How to get free groceries with coupons after the holiday season ?

After-season shopping can help you get groceries for free with coupons. If you are willing to buy pumpkin flavored everything after Halloween, use manufacturer coupons to buy these items after they’ve been marked down by retailers to move them. Ditto the Pillsbury coupons plus the sale on Christmas cookies on December 26th to get them for free or nearly so. After all, the kids will be as excited to eat snowmen cookies the first week in January as they would Christmas Eve. 

How to get free groceries with coupons from your favorite products ?

Keep an eye out for the “save X dollars on your next shopping trip” coupons that many grocery stores send to those with loyalty cards. This can help you offset the cost of groceries that weren’t paid for via coupons. 

Wherever possible, use two coupons for the two items during a buy one get one free sale. This can often result in getting the item for free because both coupons offset the price of the one item you do have to pay for. However, not all stores let you do this during a BOGO sale. 

Write to the manufacturers of your favorite items to tell them how much you love their products. This often yields coupons that can be converted into free products, and that doesn’t include the coupons they sometimes give grateful customers to let them try new items for free. 

How to get free groceries with coupons for senior citizens ?

Ask about senior discounts, veteran discounts and student discounts. These discounts may be available in addition to the coupons you are using, allowing you to lower the price. 

Present coupons in the order that maximizes your savings, such as giving them the five dollar off coupon first before using individual manufacturer coupons. Otherwise, the 20% off coupons could lower the price of the basket of items to the point that the $5 off coupon can’t be used. 

If the price of the items you buy is less than the value of the coupons, this yields an “overage”. Most grocery stores won’t give you the overage amount in cash, but you can use it to offset the price of other products and lower or negate your overall grocery bill. 

website printable coupons without downloading coupon printer

How to get free groceries with coupons that provide savings on your favorite items ? 

Use coupons on discounted items to save money on the product. For example, buying a five dollar item on sale for three dollars with a one dollar off coupon means you get the product for two dollars – 40% of the original price. 

Abandon the store loyalty and brand loyalty. You can find more deals and bargains by comparing products and prices across many stores. However, don’t neglect the loyalty card these vendors offer, so you can loyal customer discounts. Likewise, pay attention to coupons tied to your loyalty card that you can add to the discounts on your next shopping trip. 

Use coupons during buy one get one free deals to save even more. However, you need to watch out for limits on coupon use that may say that you can’t use coupons in addition to the sale price. 


For many items, the generic brand is cheaper than the name brand. Don’t overlook grocery store coupons for their own generic brands, which can make these items much cheaper than name brand items after a double coupon is applied. 

Plan your menu around what you have on hand and buy on sale instead of shopping off a list of what you want to buy, regardless of the sales and coupons you have. However, you should always buy staples on sale with coupons, when these are items you use or eat regularly. 

website printable coupons without downloading coupon printer


Warnings Regarding Couponing 

Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean it is a deal. For example, high priced items marked down could now cost as much as a cheaper brand’s standard price. Use a price book to track the price of items, so you know when something is truly on sale. 

Don’t buy items you don’t want, need or use even when you can get it on sale with coupons for next to nothing. Buying things you won’t use results in wasted space taken up in your home as you try to find a home for it, can lead to hoarding of unwanted items and makes them unavailable for those who would have used them. Donating these items might lead to a tax write off, but some items frankly aren’t wanted or needed by charities, either. Only buy items using coupons that you plan to use in the near or long term. 


Be careful of coupon expiration dates. Saving up coupons to save a ton of money on a shopping trip can backfire if they are not valid when you finally use them. 

Don’t drive an uneconomical number of miles to save a little on groceries. You’re already trading time for money when it comes to saving money via couponing, but driving an hour or two from store to store uses up gas and wears out your car, offsetting the five dollars more you might save by driving to yet another outlet. 

Check the limitations on the coupons before you plan your shopping trip. For example, a Starkist coupon may only apply to the pouches but not the cans. If you then put the cans of tuna in your cart, you’ll have to pay the full price or put them back. 


Be aware of store limits on coupons, such as those that put a limit on how many coupons they’ll double or the number of coupons you can use in a single shopping trip. 

Remember that even extreme couponing won’t result in a basket full of groceries for free or nearly free every trip. Couponing regularly lets you save 10% to 30% every trip. It is only with diligent planning and the use of a lot of coupons at the bottom of the price cycle that you can get a whole lot of items for nearly nothing. 

Don’t use fake coupons or the store can come back and demand that you pay the full price for the items – and possibly penalties as well.

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