Websites That Pay You To Watch Ads

Did you know that you could actually make money online from trying products and services of most companies for free? Well, now you know and this is all possible at where you get paid for advertising these companies’ products and services.

You will only need to register yourself on the site, then you will be presented with numerous opportunities of making money without breaking a sweat. You will be at liberty to choose points offer, cash offers as well as research surveys. Below are some of the easy ways you can make money once you register on


Filling out Surveys and Taking Offers

As soon as you are done with the registration process, you will be able to commence making money online for yourself. You could opt to start out with filling surveys whereby you will only need to click on the dashboard on “complete offers”. This will take you to a page whereby you will be able to start on survey filling for either cash or points. This points are then redeemed for certain rewards such as starbucks cards, gift cards etc. 

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Get Paid For Advertising From Home

It is also possible to opt for completing “cash offers” which are 100% free and they also come with the added advantage of there being no payment to be made upfront. The cash offers present one with the option of getting cash payouts which are usually specific and show under a heading called “payout”. There are also other offers whose payout is much higher, but one would require having their credit card in order to access them. Normally, one can either sign up for the trial period or pay for a month’s service.

websites that pay you to watch ads
websites that pay you to watch ads

Free Offers

The offers available on could be as simple as filling in your email address (this ought to be the new email address you create before signing up for this service). There are also other tasks that require you to fill several pages full of survey questions, but one could use auto complete form fillers to do this task fast.

The best thing about this task is that you will still get paid for advertising the various products and services by Cash Crate. Once you are done with filling out the survey questions or offers, you are then supposed to click on submit’ tab just opposite the offer you will have completed.

This will then reflect on your pending’ payouts before it is then verified. If the offer is completed well or satisfactorily, it will be paid, but if not then expect it to be rejected. It is therefore important to ensure that you enter the correct information in all the right places.


Making Money from Referrals

It is also possible to make more money online at through referrals. In this process, you will be getting a small amount paid to you for every person you successfully refer to this website. The amount is payable when the new person you refer to the site starts filling out surveys as you get a small amount from the surveys they fill.

You will also get a bonus of about $3 when the people you refer to the website will fill enough surveys to reach a total payable amount of $10. It is possible to get referrals from amongst your closest circle of friends by sharing information about Cash Crate with them and convincing them to sign up on the website. You could also influence more of your friends to join you via your social media circles in order to increase the amount of money you will be set to earn once they start filling up the surveys. 

websites that pay you to watch ads

If you are a blogger and you run your own blog, then you could achieve this feat easily by promoting the Cash Crate website by linking it to your own referral link. In this scenario, you will not only get paid for advertising the website, but also earn bonuses and pay whenever the people you referred meet the threshold explained above. There are numerous ways that you could convince people to join from your blog.

One of the surest way is by writing a story about Cash Crate and ensure that you include a link for people who are interested in joining the site can click and register easily. This referral process could give you handsome returns especially as you would not need to fill in any surveys but still manage to earn a tidy sum from Cash Crate. 


Trying out new Products and Services & Shopping

This is another way of making money at, in this form of earning, you get paid for trying out new services or products that are launched by various companies. You could also get paid for signing up on new free websites as well as those offering new services. This could be taken as a way to get paid for advertising these new products and services once they are launched into the market as you will be able to create awareness about the existence of such products and services.

As far as shopping is concerned, it is possible to get cash back on the various purchases you make when you go shopping on the various hundreds of your own favorite retailers trading online. You can earn money by clicking through the various shopping sites on Cash Crate that is before you make your purchase. This will qualify you to earn some bonuses that will be added to any credit card rewards you could get luckily. 



Earning money online is always easy as there are so many opportunities that enable you to get paid for advertising as well as earn easy cash like at Cash Crate is one of the online website that one could be able to make easy money quick, fast and almost effortlessly.

One only requires registering for free on the site and then starts making money almost instantly. It presents one with so many money-making options and one should not let this chance slide, through their fingers as they watch. Do not wait for even another second, register yourself at and discover the world of making easy money online today.

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