What Are The Cheapest Businesses To Start

Starting up your own business is probably a life-changing decision of your life. Whether you want to take it as a side business or work full time you must consider the start up cost and profits to know if it will be fruitful. Deciding which business to take may become even difficult if you're on a tight budget. Fortunately, there are a number of home based businesses you can start in a low budget. Here are a few low cost start up business ideas that can help you earn well. 

#1 Personal Tutor 

No need to say, if you were good in studies, you can definitely reap the benefits of your college education. With so much competition around, many parents look for a dedicated home and personal tutors and are ready to pay a high fee for the same. If you are lucky enough, you can increase your business in no time and take several batches of same grade students to earn more.

Once your business gets established you may also hire more teachers. This startup business would require no or very less investment. You just need to get around and advertise. If you want to provide tuition to batches, you will need a space for it. When you have a low cost start up business you can save on materials.

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Low Cost Start Up Business Ideas Anyone Can Do!

what are the cheapest businesses to start

#2 Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning jobs are available almost anywhere. People who are busy or don't get time to clean would probably hire people to complete their tasks. Get some low-cost cleaning essential and start your business. You may start on your own and slowly add up staff as you make a profit.

You may also attract people through green cleaning services by using chemical free cleaning agents. Most people would be ready to pay extra for that. A lawn cleaning business may also help you earn great profits but the start-up cost can be a bit higher than the other businesses in this list. A low cost start up business like lawn care can bring good money though.

#3 Social Media Consultant

With so much hype in the social media these days, many people use it to promote their business. Most of such business owners are either busy or are not familiar with the social media. Therefore, starting a business as a social media consultant can be a profitable job.

All you need to have an adequate knowledge of the social media and ease of using computers and internet. To get started with, advertise your services and work with a low profit at the beginning to create a client base.

what are the cheapest businesses to start

#4 Personal Chef 

If you are good at cooking, you may start a home catering business. It is important to know that you will not easily get a huge order in the first go, but starting the business as a personal chef will definitely add experience and knowledge to grow your business into a big one.

What's more, you don't need to spend a fortune to start such a business. If you already know someone who keeps busy and does not have time to cook on a daily basis, you may ask them if you can start cooking for them right away. 

#5 Freelance Writing

Content creation is another great low cost start up business that may help you pay your bills. All you need to have is a passion for writing besides finding a client who is willing to pay you well for your work. There are numerous writing jobs available online that can help you gain both experience and money.

You may gradually open your own content management business when you start getting numerous clients. Hire more writers and focus in providing quality content to grow your business.

what are the cheapest businesses to start

#6 Grocery delivery Services

If tuition or writing is not your cup of tea, you may start an easy business like grocery delivery. There is probably no one who does not need grocery and taking out time for shopping is difficult for many who keep busy.

Start a service by arranging high quality grocery at a lower rate and delivering them to the people who need at a nominal rate. Hire more workers when your profit increases and make your business a bigger one. You may need to find or contact vendors who provide good products at a wholesale or low rate to make high profits.

#7 Event Planner

Party planning is yet another low cost start up business that you can start from home. You need to have great contacts and easily manage all the things required in planning a party. Starting from caterers to decorators and even after party cleaners, you need to arrange everything for the day. If you have a keen interest in creating contacts to plan an event, you can make a big profit with almost no investment.

#8 Care services

Care services can be highly rewarding, especially if you are taking care of elderly who are left alone at home when others leave for work. There are millions of such older people who needs care and companion to spend their day and are ready to pay for it.

You may also provide care services for small babies when their parents are out. If you don't want to get out of your home, you may ask the parents to leave their child to your home. In this way, you can take care of multiple babies at a time, without investing much in your home business start up.

#9 Tour Guide Services

You can easily start a business that provides guidance in tour services. There are many people who find it hard to plan their tour and make profitable bookings. If you have a passion for travel, you can start booking tours on their behalf at an additional cost.

You will be surprised to know that there are so many people who find hiring such services better than doing it themselves. Moreover, if you know your area well, you can start sight seeing service and guiding people through the trip to make their travel an unforgettable one.

#10 Fitness Instructor

An initial training in fitness may help you start your own business as a fitness instructor. It is true to the fact that creating your own gym may need huge investment and is not feasible if you are looking for a low cost home-based business.

But if you are ready to work as a personal fitness guide or instructor, you may earn by providing your services to those who already owe gyms and fitness equipment. You may also become a yoga instructor to guide others without spending a penny because such techniques does not require any equipment. This is another way to initiate low cost start up business ideas.

Besides the above low cost start up business ideas, you may also start a home-based work as an online retailer to sell your products at a decent price. Since online shopping is increasing day by day, you may get more buyers, especially if you are selling something unique that does not sell well in the local markets.

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