What Causes Excessive Dust In A House ?

Essick air humidifier ? So you are probably reading this as you are in the market for a humidifier and are perhaps well aware of the various health benefits associated with having one of these machines in your home. This does mean that we are going to bypass going into detail on how it helps your sinuses or improve allergies and instead focus on what you can expect if you go ahead and purchase an Essick air humidifier.

You see, there are a number of companies out there that provide this kind of equipment and Essick are known for producing humidifier that do tend to look far more luxurious, but without having a luxury price attached to it. However, the main thing has to be whether or not they work and that is what we need to focus on here.

what causes excessive dust in a house

The Range Of Essick Air Humidifiers

First, let's look at the range of products that they have available and it is rather extensive to say the least. This company produces humidifiers that are capable of being used for single rooms as well as multi-rooms from the same machine and this does show the power and capabilities of them.

Take for example the E35000 model. This is capable of being used in areas up to 800 square feet and it has a tank capacity of 2 gallons. It is extremely compact and is ideal for bedrooms or even open plan apartments and the best part is how inexpensive it is at under $50.

what causes excessive dust in a house

However, if you are looking for something that is suitable for more than one room, then the 3D6100, 5D6700, and D46720 are all capable of increasing the humidity in spaces up to a total of 1300 square feet. These humidifiers are still relatively compact in size, but they do have a slightly larger tank capacity allowing them to circulate more air over a larger area. They are also slightly more expensive although you are still looking at them falling either side of the $100 mark, so they are still going to be within the budget for most people.

Essick Air Humidifier Designs

If we keep on moving up in the range to the Essick air humidifiers that are designed for larger homes, then we see that there are several options available up to a total area coverage of over 2000 square feet. Now, as you would expect these machines start to climb in price as well as size of the machine, but as an example you can purchase the 696800 model in a gorgeous wooden box for not much more than $200 representing real value for money.

what causes excessive dust in a house

All of the humidifiers that are capable of covering over 2000 square feet tend to come with tanks that hold up to 5 gallons of water and over the course of 24 hours they have an output in the region of 10 to 12 gallons. The fact that they are also hidden away from view is just an added bonus, but it does show how Essick as a company does have a real eye for detail.

The Specifications Of The Humidifiers

Of course the actual specifications will vary slightly depending on the model that you purchase, but we can look at a few common factors to help you with your decision.

The main difference between the smaller models and those for larger homes is that the smaller models are analogue whilst the larger models have digital settings. The larger models will also have more fan speed settings, but if you are using them in relatively close proximity to where you spend most of your time, then this may not be as much of an issue.

The more expensive models will also often have the ability to alter the humidity levels produced by the machine and this is certainly going to be rather useful for a number of people. They will also tend to have two bottles to be filled resulting in double the capacity allowing them to run for longer.

When you then tie this in with a more powerful motor running the humidifier and a larger air filter to purify the air, then you can see the main differences between those models for single rooms and those for larger homes in general.

what causes excessive dust in a house

Do They Work And Are They Worth It?

Of course you want to know if they work and make a difference to the air quality and you only have to look at comments online to see that they certainly do improve the air even in large spaces. Do not allow yourself to be fooled by the price being relatively low for such a large and powerful humidifier because Essick appears to have perfected the art of developing quality machines without it costing the earth.

The humidifiers that they produce have more than enough power to change the quality of the air in next to no time and your sinuses and allergies will certainly feel the benefit almost immediately.

We have to also quickly point out that it is a nice difference to see the larger models being encased in this way as some of the humidifiers would stand out in a room and it is certainly more appealing from an interior design point of view to have them in a quality looking container. Yet again, it may not be expensive, but the casings do not look cheap at the same time and this is certainly something that Essick should be congratulated on.

So, Should You Buy An Essick Air Humidifier?

This is the big question and the answer has to be that you would be crazy not to at least consider it. The humidifiers that they produce not only look better in the main living areas of your home, but they are powerful and are extremely reliable as well. However, the best part is that you are clearly getting a quality piece of equipment, but without paying a sky high price and that could very well be the thing that sways your decision.

There is no doubt that this range of humidifiers will improve the quality of air in your home and help with those allergies or breathing issues that have plagued you for some time. Do you have anything to lose by not giving it a try?

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