What Does A Capacitor Do In An Air Conditioner

Your HVAC play a very important role. They are temporary reserves of electricity. They help to ensure that uninterrupted power is delivered to the motors. This ensures that the motors run smoothly and effectively. There are different types of HVAC capacitors. A problem in just one capacitor can make your whole air conditioning unit inefficient.

That is why you have to make sure that your air conditioner is running smoothly. Some HVAC units have only one capacitor. There others that have multiple capacitors. HVAC problem should always be fixed as soon as possible. Here are the signs that you should be on the lookout for when you want to know whether there is a problem with the HVAC ;

Hvac Capacitor Steps To Guide You In The Right Direction

what does a capacitor do in an air conditioner

1. Fan does not work when unit is on

If you discover that your fan is not working as usual, it may be because there is a problem with yiur HVAC system. You don’t have to interfere with your HVAC system in any way to know whether the fan is working or not. This is something that you can know without opening up your HVAC unit.

There may be other problems that may be making your fan not to run. The capacitors may not be the problem. The only way to know for sure that the fan is not running because of a problem with the capacitors by having your HVAC unit checked by a professional. 

what does a capacitor do in an air conditioner

2. Swollen or budged capacitors

If you really suspect that it is the HVAC capacitor that is causing a problem in your AC unit, you should take a look at them to see if they are swollen or bulged. If you notice that a capacitor is swollen, there is a very high chance that it may be the cause of your problem. Replacement of the bulged capacitor may be all that you need do to make you HVAC unit run as efficiently as usual. This is a very simple problem for a qualified HVAC technician. 

Have You Ever Heard Any Strange Noises

3. Humming and whirring noises

You should be wary of any noise that are coming out of your HVAC unit. Humming or whirring noise can be indications of serious problems. When you notice that there are strange noises coming out of your HVAC unit, the best things that you should do is switch it off and call a HVAC expert. Switching it off may help to prevent further damage. A capacitor may be the cause of the humming sound. The noises may be caused by something else. The best way to know the real case of the problem is by having your unit inspected by a qualified technician. 

what does a capacitor do in an air conditioner

4. Poor performance

Have you noticed that your air conditioner is not working as effectively as it normally works? Is your space hotter than usual? This may happen because of HVAC capacitor problem. Poor performance means that your HVAC unit will be running for longer to cool you space. Replacing the capacitor will solve your problem. 

Hey Who Cut Off My Air ?

5. No air blowing from the vents

When you switch on your HVAC unit but there is no air that is coming from the vents, that’s a sign that there is a problem with your unit. This problem may be caused by a serous fault or by a capacitor. Just like other HVAC problems, the only way that you will be able to know the exact problem is by having your air conditioner checked by someone who is qualified for the job. When there is no air blowing from the vents, your HVAC unit is basically not doing its work. 

6. Increase in energy bills

Have you noticed a sudden increase in your energy bills? If you don’t have any other explanation for the high energy bill, you should consider having your air conditioning unit checked. Your HVAC capacitor may be the cause of the sudden increase in the cost of energy.

The amount of money that you are going to spend on having your HVAC unit fixed is nothing compared to the amount that you are going to spend on energy if the problem is not fixed as fast as possible. If the high energy consumption was caused by bad capacitor, you will definitely notice a significant reduction in your energy bill once the problem is fixed. 

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what does a capacitor do in an air conditioner

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