What Essential Oils Are Good For Depression ?

Essential oils for mindset therapy is a highly popular field of natural medicine. The scientific study of composition and effects of essential oils began in the mid twentieth century. Their bactericidal and antiviral effect in combating infections resistant to conventional methods of medicine is particularly important. Some essential oils can stimulate the renewal and growth of healthy cells, but also regulate the physical, emotional and mental balance of human.

Aromatherapy gives you a chance to create an environment that will affect the way you feel, so if you're feeling a bit down and want to boost your mood, essential oils can help you. There's a number of essential oils that are proven to help improve your mood, calm your mind and produce a great effect on your body.

The use of essential oils for mindset stimulates the brain to react and this in return has a positive effect on the emotions. Research shows that the proper use of essential oils can bring your emotional state into balance.

Essential Oils For Mood And Human Body Management

what essential oils are good for depression

There are three ways in which you can use essential oils: 

- Aromatic ( To smell the oil )

- Topical ( To place a few drops on specific parts of the body) 

- Internally ( To swallow a few drops mixed with water or honey, which should be done carefully and only with certified oils). 

Antidepressant Oils With a Stimulating Effect

If you're feeling tired and sleepy then you're in need of a treatment that will elevate your mood and energy, restore your hope and combat lethargy. Antidepressant oils with a stimulating effect are: 

- Lemon, mandarin, orange, bergamot, grapefruit, neroli, roses, geranium...

- The oil extract of jasmine blossom (Jasmineum grandiflorum), has a heavy intoxicating scent which is emotionally stimulating and warm and is a highly effectively oil for lethargy and apathy. 

what essential oils are good for depression

- Rose (Rosa damascena), is actually the first flower from which essential oil was distilled in the 10th century in Persia. Rose is known as the queeen of flowers and its oil is known as the king of essential oils. It is a simple but potent antidepressant, aphrodisiac and nervous tonic. It efficiently treats depression that is cause by stress of a child birth, possible break up or some other loss.

Citric Oils For Energy 

People that are prone to depression need to have a range of orange, lemon, mandarin and grapefruit oils at home. Oils of citric fruits are amazing for waking up your numb and depressed central nervos system. The refreshing scents give you the energy and the will to live, so make sure to breathe them as soon as you wake up in the morning. 

Bergamot oils and neroli are also derived from citrus fruits. Neroli is made out of flowers of bitter orange, while bergamot is made out of the bitter orange peel. Neroli scent is slightly metalic and bitter sweet, while bergamot scent is more soft. Both of those oils awaken and raise your self-esteem. Neroli even helps with depression after child birth.

In addition to acting as an antidepressant, orange essential oil relieves anxiety. During a study, two groups of patients were divided into two rooms, waiting for their dentist's appointment. In one room, orange essential oil was set, but not in the other. It has been shown that the patients that were exposed to the orange oil scent, have had lower levels of anxiety and a a more positive and better mood than members of other group. 

Antidepressant Oils With Soothing Effect 

Depression is often associated with anxiety, fear, insomnia and getting upset. If you have depression you can rely on this oils that have sedative and antidepressant properties such as: chamomile, sandalwood, lavender, clary sage and ylang - ylang. Lavander is known as the best antidepressant oil and the inhaled molecules of lavender are known to increase serotonin. Lavender oil gives you serenity, balance, high emotions while it muting the internal dialogue. Same as with the rest of the calming oils, it is best to breathe lavender at evening to bring you to sleep and eliminate insomnia.

Clary Sage and Ylang-Ylang for Excellent Mood

Clary Sage is originally from Southern France, Italy and Syria but it grows on places with a dry soil. Clary Sage oil gives us a wonderful aroma reminiscent of walnut. The effect of this oil is best described as a blend of euphoria, tranquility and relaxation. In addition to improving the mood it strengthens the stress resistance, relaxes the muscles and relieves physical tension

what essential oils are good for depression

Ylang-Ylang (Caranga Odorata), is a small tree from the Philippines, Sumatra, Java and Madagascar.This oil which name translates to flower-flower, reduces anxiety and depression, helps falling asleep and calms irritability and nervousness. It has aphrodisiac qualities and a heavy scent so don't inhale it too much because it can cause nausea and headaches.

Antidepressant oils can be applied with the help of aromatic lamps, spray, scented baths, massages. You can pour them on a pillow or on a cotton piece or a tissue, which you can then hold under your nose.

Aromatherapy Massages, Sauna and Baths for Mood

Aromatherapy Massage works primarily on the autonomic nervous system and strongly relaxes you, helping to eliminate the effects of stress. The beneficial effects of essential oils for mindset and massage movements, harmonize the body and psyche, stimulate all body functions and improve health. The essential oil will definitely improve the massage procedure and improve the effects of a healing touch. Take advantage of the vital force of herbs in activating and maintaining good mental condition of internal balance and health. 

A stay in the sauna can not be imagined without the presence of aromatic essences. Pour a few drops of your favorite combination on a heated rock. Beneficial vapors will be absorbed through the skin and also trough inhalation, helping you to easily relax. Essential oils for mindset change will effect you when you are stressed out and need relief.

Scented baths and essential oils for mindset are amazing for relaxation and rest. Allow yourself a bath in a warm water with essential oils at least once a month. If you feel the need, or feel extremely tense, mentally or physically burdened, you can take baths several times a week. If you put on some nice music while you're in the bath and do relaxation exercises in the water, you will be reborn.

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