What Essential Oils Are Good For Stress And Anxiety ?

Oils for stress relief ? You could be feeling stressed or having a lot of anxiety and you are wondering the home remedy that you should go for. Essential oils can be used to relief stress without necessarily taking the pharmaceutical products that are used to ease stress. In fact, essential oils relief stress without depressing or altering the functioning of the brain negatively like other sedatives (Drugs sold in pharmacy to manage stress).

Essential Oils For Stress Relief : How Does It Work ?

what essential oils are good for stress and anxiety

How Oils For Stress Relief Works?

Essential oils are inhaled in the body whereby the fumes enter through the nose to the lungs and then to the other parts of the body. They can also be applied on the skin while they diffuse into the body through the skin. However, they are ingested in some special cases.

The moment the essential oils fumes enters the body, the molecules that makes up these products move to different parts of the body. The common parts of the body that are affected by these molecules are the lungs and the brain. In the brain, the part that is mainly worked on by this product is the emotional brain.

This is the part that is affected by stress thus making you feel uncomfortable. Stress causes the brain to either shrink, trigger a change that brings a headache or kill brain cells. However, when the essential oil gets to the brain, it eases the pressure caused on the brain by stress and hence the person feels relieved.

Its physiological effects does the work of easing the stress. For the molecules of essential oils that moves to the lungs, they improve the respiratory system which in turn leads to better performance in the brain which then brings down the stress. Therefore, using essential oils for stress relief is a reality.

what essential oils are good for stress and anxiety

How to effectively use Oils for Stress Relief

1. Including it in Your Shower
Essential oils are either applied on the skin or inhaled. However, for stress relief, it is recommended you use the inhalation method. Applying some essential oil on the floor of your shower makes the whole body to be immersed in the fumes while taking a shower. This makes you to inhale it for a long time as your enjoy the shower. This brings a positive effect to your mind thus relieving the stress.

2. Carrying it everywhere you go.
You do not need to carry the essential oil with the bottle. You just need to apply a few drops of it to either your handkerchief or some clothe. As you walk or sit in in a meeting, the nose will keep inhaling the nice scent from the essential oil direct to your brain thus affecting the brain by lowering the stress.

3. Take some huge whiff and for prolonged time.
This is mainly applicable when the level of stress goes high. This means you directly smell the oil so that you can force it into your brain. This has an instant effect since the molecules goes quickly to the mind and brings down the stress.

4. Apply in most parts of the body.
This is applicable to the essential oils that must be applied on the body. The more you cover larger part of the body with the oil, the higher the chance of it entering in to your body thus making a difference. However, it is important to first test with a small section of your body so that you can identify if your skin is affected negatively by the essential oil.

what essential oils are good for stress and anxiety

Some of the essential oils that relieve stress
1. Lavender
Lavender is extracted through distillation from the stem of a lavender flower. It has a nice scent. Additionally, when inhaled it slows down the high brain activity caused by stress. It calms both the mind and the body thus relieving stress.

2. Rose
The essential oil from rose flower affects the hormones the moment it gets into the body cells. It causes the muscles to relax while at the same time boosts the mood. The brain contains some muscles. These muscles are made to relax by this essential oil thereby relieving stress.

3. Vanilla
One of the unique thing with vanilla is that its flavor is close to the mother's milk. If you inhale its warm scent, it relieves the stress and makes one feel at home. It has the ability to cause relaxation of the body while at the same time stimulating mental clarity.

4. Ylang ylang
This is extracted from an Asian plant called ylang ylang. The oil is gotten from the flowers. It relieves stress by making a person release anger and frustration. It also help in reducing anxiety. It should be diluted just a little to avoid reducing its effect. It also works better when used together with other essential oils. 

5. Jasmine
This works by increasing part of the brain activity so that one does not feel stressed. It is a very strong essential oil when used to relieve stress.

6. Chamomile
This is a daisy like plant whose its extracts are used to make essential oil. When it enters the body, it calm down the nerves and when the nerves calm down, the stress eases. It also help in reducing mental anxiety which increases the stress. The moment the anxiety is reduced, the stress goes down too.

It is good to note there are many more essential oils that can still be used to relieve stress. The one discussed above are just examples to explain further how the essential oils works to relief stress.

Cautions to take while using oils for stress relief. 

1. You should find out if the essential oil you plan to use reacts negatively with sunshine. 
2. Find out if it can be used when someone is pregnant.
3. Find out if it reacts with some certain medications.
4. Ensure it is 100% organic so that you do not use a product that have chemicals that may later harm you.
5. As stated earlier, essential oils that are applied on the skin should tested on small portion before they are applied on the whole body. Additionally, it is important to blend them with carrier oil like almond before use because they have high effect in their pure nature and style.

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