What Essential Oils Help With Anxiety And Sleep

Aromatherapy oils for sleep can be a good aid to help you get a good night rest. Are you looking for an effective natural sleep aid to get rid of those sleepless nights of insomnia or mild sleeping problems? You are not alone. Many people around the world struggle with sleep-related problems. The good news is that aromatherapy oils are highly effective in helping individuals with sleeping problems enjoy a good night’s sleep. With these aromatherapy oils for sleep, you will not only find it easy to fall asleep, but also staying asleep for the whole night. 

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Aromatherapy Oils For Sleep : Calgon Take Me Away !

what essential oils help with anxiety

If you are suffering from insomnia or any kind of sleeping trouble, you are not alone. Statistics from the National Sleep Foundation show that 48% of Americans suffer from occasional sleep problems while 22% of Americans experience sleeping problems almost every other night. 

Sleeping problems are caused by a number of factors, including stress, anxiety, pain, depression , Restless Leg Syndrome and medications, to mention but a few. Perhaps, you are finding it hard to shut your mind off when you go to bed. Sadly, sleeplessness ends up worsening these problems, leave alone the fact that it can be devastating to your overall health. 

Why Aromatherapy Oils for Sleep Are So Effective?

One of the main reasons why aromatherapy essential oils are very effective as sleep aids is that they are able to penetrate through the conscious part of your brain. Whether you think it won’t work or not, your body doesn’t care. This is because lavender and other aromatherapy oils influence the part of the brain that does not depend on conscious judgment. Consequently, it enables you to relax, making it easy for you to fall asleep and also stay asleep throughout the night. 

what essential oils help with anxiety

Effective Aromatherapy Oils for Sleep

The following are some of the most effective aromatherapy oils for sleep 


There are numerous medications available out there to help people with sleeping troubles. Perhaps you’ve already tried some of them and perhaps they have been helpful. However, if you are searching for a healthier and natural solution to your sleeping problems, you should consider aromatherapy oils. 

While there are many aromatherapy oils for sleep available out there, lavender is the most effective one. And studies have shown why you should consider these essential oils for sleep. There have been a number of research studies that have clearly shown why you should make lavender your sleep aid of choice. In one study conducted at the University of Southampton in the UK, researchers examined the sleeping patterns of 10 adults: 

• For one week, 5 adults slept in a room in which lavender oils were diffused
• The remaining 5 adults slept in a room in which the placebo (almond oil) was diffused 
• The two participating groups changed rooms after seven days
• At the end of the research study, each of the participants reported that their sleep quality was much better when they sleep in the room in which lavender oils were diffused. 

Although lavender might seem mild, it actually produces positive results when it comes to helping people with sleeping troubles and even overall health problems. 

Scientists believe that lavender is able to slow down blood pressure and heart rate, putting the body in a parasympathetic condition, which aids in relaxation. 

what essential oils help with anxiety


Vanilla is another highly powerful stress reliever, and it can also help people with sleeping troubles to get a good night’s rest. You can use vanilla alone or combine it with other natural ingredients that are designed to make the body relax so you can fall asleep and stay that way for the rest of the night.

Labrador Tea

Labrador tea is one of the most expensive solutions, but it is also one of the most effective relaxing oils available out there. It can be combined with lavender oils and perhaps another option for the best results. In fact, its capability to help the body to rest is so powerful that it is advisable to avoid driving or operating machinery. The precautionary measures of normal sleeping aids certainly apply to this essential oil as well. 


Valerian is commonly used for relaxing tensed nerves and for enabling people to fall asleep. It is a common ingredient in most herbal remedies that are sold as sleep aids. 

It is also very powerful as aromatherapy oil. Nonetheless, its scent requires you to get used to it, so you may want to combine it with one or two of the above ingredients. However, if you want to buy Labrador tea, you may not need it. On the other hand, Valerian may be a good option if you are looking for an effective yet affordable sleep aid. 

Pre-Mixed Aromatherapy Oils for Sleep 

An easier option is to look for pre-mixed combinations designed for relaxation and for helping people fall asleep. These pre-mixed aromatherapy oils are widely available and will most likely contain the aforementioned ingredients. 

How to Use These Aromatherapy Oils for Sleep

When using these essential oils to create a more relaxing atmosphere for sleep, you can use the following methods: 

1. Topical method 

Applying the oils topically can be a great way to enjoy the benefits. Generally, you can apply the oil on the back of your neck or your feet before you go to bed. You may want to use some sort of a vegetable oil to dilute them before applying them on your skin. 

2. Aromatic method 

You can add a few drops of the above oils to a reasonable amount of water in your aromatherapy oils diffuser and place it next to your bed. That way, you will start enjoying your sleep in no time. 

Important Tips 

Before you consider comprehensive sleep remedies, make sure that you first identity the root cause of you sleep problems, and them consider a natural solutions, like aromatherapy oils 

In addition to using aromatherapy oils for sleep, be sure to adhere to healthy eating and lifestyle habits. However, if you want something to keep you relaxed throughout the night , consider lavender oils as you best bet to enjoying a good night’s sleep. Using aromatherapy oils as part of your sleep routine can help you enjoy a good night’s rest and leave you better prepared for the next day’s activities.

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