What Happens When Your Heater Core Goes Out ?

Heater stop working ? The situation becomes frustrating when on a cold day your heater stops working unexpectedly. In such condition the first thing that comes to one’s mind is to call a HVAC service to remove the cause of inconvenience. But if you take some easy steps you can know the reason for which your heater stop working properly and can easily save your money and inconvenience caused by calling HVAC service. 

Check the power supply to your house: Sometimes your heater stops working due to an obstruction in the power supply to your entire building or in your area. If that is the reason of improper working of your heater then you should wait until the power supply resumes for checking the cause behind it. Moreover HVAC service can also check the fault in your heater if the power supply in your area or home is on. 

what happens when your heater core goes out

Heater Not Working No Problem Check Out These Suggestions

what happens when your heater core goes out

Local utility provider has turned on gas meter: If you are using a gas heater to heat up your home during winters then before calling HVAC service you should check the supply of gas as it can be one of the reasons of improper working to your heater.

1. You gas account and gas meter should be active and in place. If there is any problem in the gas supply then you should call your gas service to resume your gas supply instead of calling a HVAC service.

2. Check the air filter: It is very important that the flow of air into your heating unit or air conditioners has no obstruction. If there is some problem in the working of your heating unit then you should check its filter regularly to ensure the proper inflow of the air by cleaning it or replacing it. 

3. Check the batteries on the thermostat: The display on the thermostat of your heating system may not show its proper working if its display is not lit properly. You can change the batteries on the thermostat for the proper working of your heating system.

4. Check the circuit breaker: The tripping of the circuit breaker can also be one of the reasons for which people usually complain that their heater stop working properly. So before calling a HVAC service you should check your circuit breaker and reset it if it has tripped due to any reason. But if the circuit breaker does not stand the power supply and trips again and again then you should call an electrician to check the problem on the line. 

What About The Indoor Safety Switches ?

5. Check your indoor safety switches: Sometimes people install an on/off switch on the air handler unit of the heating system of their home for the sake of safety. So if your heating system is not working properly then you should also check this indoor on/off switch as sometimes it is turned off unintentionally.  

6. Check the outdoor disconnect switch: It is just like checking indoor supply switches. Sometimes people have a switch on the outdoor unit of their heating system to disconnect it when not in use. This switch is usually overlooked while turning on the heater to get hot and soothing air. So if your heating system is not working properly then you can also check that this switch is turned on.

what happens when your heater core goes out

Check The Drain Line

7. Check the drain line and/or condensation pump of your air conditioner: The water safety switch provided in various A/C units helps in controlling the leakage of water that can spoil the looks of your internal floors or ceiling. Moreover clogged drain line in some ACs can also obstruct the working of the heating system of your AC. So you can restore the working of your heating system by checking its condensation pump as well as its drain line to keep them in proper working condition. 

8. Check safety switch under your AC unit: Sometimes the safety switch underneath your AC unit gets turned off accidentally and cause problem in the proper working of its heating system. So if your heating system is not heating your place properly then you should not overlook to check this switch also. 

9. Thus you can save time and money by checking the items discussed above if your heater stop working properly, before calling a HVAC service. But you should not hesitate in calling a reputable HVAC service if you find it difficult to find the problem in your heating unit. 

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heater stop working

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