What Humidifier Should I Buy For Winter

Duracraft humidifier ? A lot of healthcare specialists recommend humidifiers for the dry, cold months. Forced air heating of homes can dry out the air. This brings humidity below the recommended level. Proper humidity levels in your home allow you to breathe properly, nourish your lungs and avoid severe allergies. 

A high quality humidifier in your home can help every member of your family sleep better, especially babies. During the cold season, it’s more important to provide better air to your family members. Since cold medications aren’t recommended to children or even adults because of addictive tendencies, natural remedies are always a good choice. 

A lot of people wonder what’s the best humidifier in the market. Your decision depends on many different factors. You need to purchase a humidifier appropriate for the room size. Moreover, you shouldn’t over humidify the room. Excess moisture can lead to bacterial growth and cause allergies. 


Duracraft Humidifier Features

In order to make sure your room isn’t excessively humid, you should purchase a humidifier with a humidistat. This makes sure the device is shut off when humidity increases beyond an optimum level. If you want to check air humidity, you can also purchase a digital humidistat. 

In case there’s a baby in your home, it’s always better to purchase an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. It’s worth mentioning that humidifiers never harm your child. The water remains cool and well contained. Therefore, if your baby knocks the humidifier down to see how the unit works, there won’t be too much damage. 

It’s important to understand that warm mist devices boil water before propelling it into your room. Thus, they are excellent for reducing germs. However, if your baby pulls it over, it could be quite harmful. If warm mist units stay out of reach, they are a better choice.

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These humidifiers shouldn’t be confused with vaporizers. Though vaporizers also boil water, they don’t feature a cooling chamber. Thus, your baby could burn himself on the mist. Most experts don’t recommend vaporizers as a bit more money can get you a better device if you purchase a warm mist humidifier. 

A lot of warm mist units have built in medication cups to hold medicinal vapors. The warm air quickly heats the cup, and releases strong vapors. This can be very helpful if someone in your family is suffering from colds and stuffy noses. 

what humidifier should i buy for winter

Using Humidifiers

Although most humidifiers vary slightly in model and design, most devices function in similar ways. In addition to this, these units have the same kind of weekly cleaning requirements. Some of the cleaning processes include exterior dust removal, disinfection of water tank, mineral deposit removal, filter cleaning and more. 

Proper cleaning of the device prevents bacterial growth, and other microorganisms. In order to make sure the device lasts longer and functions properly, you need to know everything about preparation, cleaning and maintenance. Here we discuss some tips to make sure humidity levels remains optimum in your home, and the unit lasts for a very long time.

Preparation- First of all, you need to fill one gallon jug with normal water, and add one tablespoon hydrogen peroxide or household bleach. You need to add the solution to the Duracraft humidifier’s reservoir, and fill water in the rest of the tank. In order to make sure the solution disinfects the parts, you should wait for 20 minutes.

what humidifier should i buy for winter TOP

The next step is to pour out the solution. You need to rinse the water tank properly with cool water. You also need to wipe the base with a high quality damp lint-free microfiber cloth. In case you used hydrogen peroxide, you need to rinse the parts for a couple of minutes. You should place the filter in a basin or sink filled with cold water. You should also fill the unit’s water tank with cold tap water. 

It’s important to move the base to a level, waterproof surface about 6 inches from curtains, electrical equipment or walls. You should remove the filter from the tank, and insert it properly into the base. You should attach motor housing to one side, and place the tank on the other side.

Humidifying - The first step is to plug in the humidifier. You need to set an appropriate humidity levels and fan level. In case you notice any moisture on windows, you should turn off and unplug the device. If you want to refill the unit, you need to remove the parts you assembled, properly dispose of water in the tank, and repeat the above mentioned steps to assemble the unit again.


Cleaning - Cleaning a Duracraft humidifier is quite simple and convenient. You need to turn off and unplug the humidifier. If you notice water in the base or tank, you need to empty it. You need to remove the motor housing, and keep it aside. You also need to remove the filter, and keep it aside. 

Use a dry cloth to wipe the water reservoir properly. You need to pour one cup high quality distilled white vinegar into the reservoir. Leave it there for about 20 minutes. You should use a small brush or cloth to clean the reservoir. This allows you to remove mineral deposits without experiencing any problems. 

Pour out distilled white vinegar, and wipe the unit’s base with a couple of damp cloths. This makes sure you remove all kinds of residue. You also need to disinfect the reservoir and water tank as explained above. In order to remove dust, you should use a damp cloth to wipe the exterior. Cleaning the unit properly makes sure your Duracraft humidifier lasts for a very long time. 

For many years, Duracraft humidifiers have been considered best in the market. These days, you can easily purchase humidifiers from this company on the Internet. However, before you purchase these humidifiers, you should conduct a thorough research. It allows you to choose the right seller to make the purchase.


A good seller always offers warranties and guarantees on your purchase. Moreover, you’re able to purchase the product at an affordable price. You should always go through reviews and testimonials before choosing a seller. Buying a high quality humidifier from Duracraft online will be your best choice.

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what humidifier should i buy for winter

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