What Is A Good Self Employed Business

Currently, majority of people are considering starting their own home-based businesses because of the many lucrative benefits that come with being the boss of the business. A large number of people who are employed in different careers are nowadays on the verge of establishing two or three side businesses just to increase their net income or to find a base to continue making money after retiring.

If you are thinking of starting your own home-based business, there are overwhelming options that you can explore. The only big concern is finding a business that can be favorable in terms of gathering the initial capital as well as one that has the highest chance of succeeding.

While there are many businesses ideas that you can think of exploring, you need to narrow down your search to few home-based business ideas that have a greater potential of growing both now and in the future. Lucrative business ideas can come out of nowhere. Without wasting a lot of time, let’s have a look at the some of the most lucrative business ideas to explore when considering a home-based business.

Lucrative Business Ideas Everyone Should Try

what is a good self employed business

1. Computer Repair

For you to start a computer repair service business then it means you must have had some background knowledge and experience on the same. But if not, you can commit yourself to studying the basics of computer repair and further narrow down to increasing your knowledge on repairing the most complex parts of a computer.

You might be required to have knowledge on the types of software that system users would want i.e. word processing, mail merge photo software manipulation, spreadsheet, security software, and design among others. Also, remember to carry out a thorough investigation on all computer components right from wired, ergonomic all through to wireless mouse types and other peripherals liker printers and scanners.

Undertake a study on ISPs (Internet Service Providers) on the specific market area you’ll cover so you have all your customers sorted on the specific repair needs they require. The most important to remember is: you need experience, training and licensing in order to properly start and run the business.

Establishing yourself as a guru capable of meeting all the needs of a personal computer owner, a small business or even a larger corporation can give you an upper hand in the market considering the repair services that are on offer in the market. This alone can turn into lucrative business ideas.

what is a good self employed business

2. Printing Services

When you do your research well, you’ll discover there are many individuals and businesses that are in need of business cards, brochures, flyers, business cards, stickers, catalogues and so much more. And for you to start the business, it’s necessary for you to familiarize yourself with the concept of designing the aforementioned pieces so as to provide services to people based in your market area.

Training in necessary in that regard and you also need to invest in high quality printing machines in order to always produce top notch work to your clients. You can do more research on the printing business to further your knowledge on the very needs of your potential customers. The initial cost of investment might be a bit higher but it will finally pay-off after you have fully established. Printing has become in itself very lucrative business ideas.

3. Cleaning Service

Restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and retail businesses are in need of daily thorough cleaning which can be a great idea to capture steady clients. And there much flexibility when it comes to this kind of business. You can choose to work during hours when no one else does when considering office clients or you can opt for retail businesses that require cleaning services time after time.

House cleaning services can also generate some good money hence you can create some interest in that direction. The best thing with cleaning service is that the starting capital is minimal and the advertising cost is low because most will often contact you in person to get services. 

what is a good self employed business

4. Business Coaching

Considering a setting where the economy is tough, businesses will undertake to seek all the help they need to survive. And as a business coach, you have all it takes to empower business owners and managers to make improvements in their work performance through personal change.

If you have plenty of experience in the business world, then this is an excellent business idea to consider. Whatever your specialization niche (be it marketing, finance or sales) you should be able to help your clients set certain goals and achieve them within given parameters. 

5. Personal Training

In order for you to effectively provide personal training services, you might need to have some good experience, training as well as licensing. You might need to establish a fitness center or hire one for your clients to use. Reach out to potential clients by putting adverts on restaurants, retail shops and grocery stores.

It is also important that you establish your own website and try as much as possible to come up with an approach that can work for different clients with different fitness needs. Make emphasis on the safety aspect of your personal training service and guarantee your clients of getting fit without any injury. And it certainly comes down to this; the more clients you help get fit faster, the more they are likely to direct others to your business. So can focus more on growing your business where you are based.  

6. Upholstering

If your passion lays is sewing then starting an upholstery repair service can be an excellent idea for you. One of the ways through which you can learn to upholster by learning directly from the experts who doing upholstery as they work. Also, you can alternatively master this trade by reading lots of books and watching videos online. In most cases, furniture that is to be upholstered will need repairs.

If you have greater experience in upholstering, you can train others or get a team of other experienced upholsters to work for you so as to expand your business to earn more. You can also capitalize on advertising your business which will payoff in the long run. 


As much as starting a business is never that easy, you need to start with the little resources that you have. Identify a niche that you are experienced or have passion in so as to have an easy time managing and serving your clients. Also, remember to do a market research to identify the available opportunities, the area you are going to cover and the possible returns on the investments you’re about to make. Considering all these aspects can help you start with a bang, grow steadily and establish a strong customer base that will generate you more income than your current earnings in your job. In short lucrative business ideas comes in all forms you just have to identify the best fit for yourself.

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