What Is Lavender Essential Oil Used For ?

What is Aromatherapy?

Lavender benefits is an alternative medicine to conventional drugs. It involves use of essential oils to help improve one’s physical and emotional health. Aromatherapy makes use of the medicinal properties of different oils extracted from plants, herbs, flowers, fruits and trees.

Such oils contain antiviral, antibacterial and natural antibiotic properties. Also, the sweet aromas from the essential oil extracts are very irresistible and are simply the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate one’s body. In addition, they help bring out someone’s natural beauty. When aromatherapy candles are lit, they emanate a sweet fragrant that sooth one's soul and body.

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Lavender Benefits –  Features and Properties

what is lavender essential oil used for

One of the most common scents used is aromatherapy is lavender. This is mainly because Lavender works in many different ways, therefore making it the most versatile oil to use in aromatherapy.

Lavender and Aromatherapy

Lavender is one of the indigenous plants we have today. In fact, research shows that it is as old as mankind, tracing it back 2500 years ago. This beautiful scented herd was used in different ways, including; as a disinfectant, deodorant, perfume, insect repellant and aphrodisiac. With more scientific research and improvements, lavender is now used in more different ways and has proved to have a lot of benefits. 

Lavender Benefits

1. Aphrodisiac

From ancient time, Lavender benefits has being used as an aphrodisiac to add romance into relationships. One way that lavender works is to add romance when you are feeling romantic. Its sweet scent brings out a romantic atmosphere. Adding some lavender fragments in your room when you feel romantic can really spice up your time together with your better half.

2. Relaxation

Lavender benefits is also known as the relaxing and calming. In ancient time, lavender was also used in taming lions and tigers? Perhaps ancient people intuitively knew what today’s researchers are finding out about this herb. Lavender helps to calm anxiety and provide natural stress relief. When individuals smell its sweet, light scent, it helps them destress their bodies and minds. 

3. Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the medical conditions that lavender treats in aromatherapy. For those individuals having a hard time to sleep at night, lavender helps them calm down and aid them get some sleep. 

what is lavender essential oil used for

4. Natural cure for stress and depression

Lavender benefits has being used frequently to aid in treating insomnia, anxiety, stress and depression. A recent study showed that the lavender scent increases the time you spend sleeping, although this affects more women than men. Other case studies showed that it helped reduce the severity of stress and depression when used concurrently with antidepressant. For those individuals searching for a natural way to relieve stress and depression symptoms, its fragment scent is the best. The scent helps to calm stress, agitation, tension, anxiety and irritability. Just by smelling the Lavender aroma, you are more likely to improve your mood.

5. Acne and skin disorder treatment

Lavender is highly recommended for treating acne and other skin disorders. Lavender is also used in skin care and as an insect repellant to keep the insects at bay thus avoiding their bites and keeping your skin smooth.

6. Boost the healing process 

As an essential oil, lavender helps is speeding the healing process. When used in undiluted form, this essential oil can be used to treat scars, burns and wounds. It helps in boosting the body’s metabolism thus helping to encourage healing. This can be useful for helping wounds and burns heal faster.

7. Other health benefits

While lavender aromatherapy helps improving your moods and sleep, it also has a lot of health benefits. Other health benefits of lavender aromatherapy include;

*Reduce progression of Candida Albicans

*Slows done the growth of breast cancer and other tumors

*Has anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties

*Pain relief – used in treating muscular and joint pains

*Treating digestive disorders

*Positively affects the nervous system

*Headaches and migraines

*Menstrual cramps



what is lavender essential oil used for

How to use Lavender in Aromatherapy 

There are a lot of different ways you can use lavender in aromatherapy. Below are just a few ways you can add lavender to your aromatherapy program

A) You can get it in candles – burn a dried flower or lit a candle if you want to be romantic. Its sweet scent offers a romantic atmosphere. 

B) Lavender foot bath - It’s great for foot fatigue and dry hands. Add about 6 drops of lavender oil in a large bowl of lukewarm water and soak for about 10 minutes.

C) Often it is used in potpourri, bubble baths and soap/ Lavender bath – If you have dry skin, try adding a few drops of lavender essential oil into your bathing water. This is excellent for relaxation, muscle ache and stress relief.

D) Body oils, creams. You can add two drops of lavender ounce on you favorite light scented, organic oil (olive and almond oil).

E) Body sprays and air fresheners – Diffuse 8 to 10 drops of lavender into the air each morning for a natural stress relief

F) Lavender for burns – after running cold water on the burn area for about 10 minutes, put a few drops of undiluted lavender oil on the area. This greatly assists in boosting the healing process.

G) Lavender massage – This is one of the most effective ways to apply the oils as the oils are absorbed directly into your blood stream thus assisting your mind and body. However, you are advised not to use undiluted lavender oil while massaging. Always use it with good vegetable or carrier oil. 

Sources of Lavender

Lavender is an ancient herd that grows naturally in sunny, dry, rocky areas. It is a native plant in the Mediterranean. However, this plant can grow anywhere as long as it is provided with the ideal growing condition. 

You can also get lavender in many products. Today, it is provided commercially in many products. However, you are advised not to get it lavender from such products as it is mostly mixed in small quantities and with other chemicals. Such chemicals may not be ideal for your skin and overall health. If you wish to experiment with lavenders effectiveness, it is available fresh, dried and powdered as an essential oil. These essential oils are extracted directly from the plants, making them even more potent than the herb. 

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