What Is The Ideal Humidity Level For A Home

Whenever consumers purchase humidifier, they do not consider that they might need a filter for the appliance in the future. While at times this happens because of lack of information on this addition, at other times, the decision not to buy a filter is very deliberate.

It is only justified if you are using your dehumidifier outside but not when you are using it inside your residence. Whenever you buy a humidifier, find out everything about the availability of a compatible filter so that you will not have to keep going back in forth hunting for something you should have asked for when you bought the humidifying appliance

A filter helps purify the air that enters in your house. It does this by sieving particles and allowing free passage of humid air. 

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Humidifier Filters Pieces and Parts

Parts of filters

The filter has distinct parts that make it functional. 


This part traps mineral pollutants in water. It only allows the water particles to go through the tiny holes leaving the minerals, which are thrown away as waste. It has a large surface area to allow frequent flow of the water. It is cylindrical with a thinner center and acts as the outer part of the filter.

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    The wick is the most intricate part of the filter as it performs the most important duty. Unlike the honeycomb part, it has some ingredients in it. It has antimicrobial additive and arm and hammer baking sodas that naturally deodorize the air.

    The wick generates heat, which produces moisture through evaporation. These substances help in extending the life span of the filter. This feature fits symmetrically into to the honeycomb. Most filters use replaceable wicks so it is advisable that you change yours after every two months.

    How it works

    The humidifier has a water tank, which holds water for heating. In some filters, it is removable and easy to refill at any point. The water flows from the tank to the base of the filter where it is heated and comes out as vapor.

    As it leaves, the solid particles are left at the honeycomb. It spreads randomly around the room, humidifying the air. The rate of spread and effectiveness may depend on factors such as, room size, indoor and outdoor temperatures, type of heat, ceiling height, insulation of windows and doors and the ventilation of the room. 

    what is the ideal humidity level for a home TOP

    Uses of humidifier filters

    The primary use of this device is to purify the air around your residence. it does this by managing the moisture around you. The filtration process takes place over the whole duration the humidifier is on and will only cease when you turn off the appliance. In addition,you filter will help advance the functioning of the humidifier as a whole.


    Taking care of the humidifier filter

    Filters are delicate so they need to be handled with a lot of care. Different brands will have specific maintenance requirements, but you will find the practices below generally effective at increasing the performance and longevity of the appliance:

    Clean the filter regularly to prevent growth of bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew. The water that remains in the filter initiates the growth of these organisms. The cleaning should be done at regular intervals. A good idea would be to do it every two weeks If there are any other specifications, they will be provided in the manual so do not ignore it or throw it away before going through it. 


    Empty your filter daily or else keep it running throughout the day. This prevents water from sitting in the filter, which provides the perfect set of conditions for the growth of harmful micro-organisms 

    You do not exactly need humidifier filters if you are using the appliance on the outdoors, but when you are using it inside where the air is a lot stuffier, then you need to think of a filter. Mold and mildew are not common in areas where the air is dry, but their spores love moisture.

    A buildup of these two could end up messing with your interior landscaping. In addition, molds take too long and cost too much to get rid of, so you might want to steer clear of that eventuality rather than have to face it in the future.

    Keeping the air around you clean has myriad benefits to the people around you. For example, you are less likely predisposed to allergies if the air around you is clean. If you are asthmatic or suffer any other breath related condition, then it is time to invest in this device.


    Final Word

    Getting things right

    Filters might seem tricky pieces to obtain, what with all the brands retailing around. However, it is not so hard once you have the facts. Before you visit the store, ensure that you have a full description of the filter type you want.

    Seek some knowledge on the material, quality and size. It is always good to research on the prices so that you can have a figure in your mind. Whenever you are dealing with the aspect of price, keep in mind that cheap does not always mean that you have the best bargain around. Always look beyond the price, unless you have planned for a specific budgeted range.  

    Humidifier filters are very crucial, especially if you are using the humidifier indoors, as they play a big part in purifying the air around you. Remember, there are too many allergens flying around and some of them will come suspended in moist air.

    As indicated earlier, a buildup of moisture makes the air around you musty and predisposes you and your family to all manner of health concerns. Whenever you are not using the humidifier machine, you have to keep it clean and well aerated. Keep in mind that maintenance is a big part of enhancing durability, so perform it from time to time. There are filters from famous brands that last for only months and there are others from the same brands that will remain useful for years: the bottom-line here is maintenance.

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