What To Do After Being A Stay At Home Mom

I want to be a stay at home mother. It is very easy to become a top earner on YouTube. You might be wondering how people get paid from YouTube videos. For keen observers, this is a very simple concept. If you have watched a video on YouTube, before it starts you must have seen an advert that pops up for you to watch before watching the video itself. The name given to this kind of marketing is known as pre-roll. 

For every 1000 times that an advert is viewed on the website, you get paid from YouTube. The amount of money differs but normally YouTube is given $20 to $25 for each thousand views. This payment is known as CPM. This is the same concept that CashCrate uses to make money. 

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I Want To Be A Stay At Home Mom For Life

How you earn revenue?

On YouTube there are a number of channels that usually have followers. If the followers are quite many, then the owner of the account can be incorporated in the Partner Program of YouTube. Under this program, the owner earns some percentage of the CPM earned from the videos on their YouTube channel. 

YouTube takes an average of 45% of the total earnings of the channel. The amount of money you get paid from YouTube varies but it mostly varies between $5 to $7 CPM. This means that YouTube takes home $18 for every a thousand views. I want to be a stay at home mother so I can spend more time with the kids. You may earn a lot or less and this is usually determined by the views on the video on your YouTube channel. 

Once you associate your CashCrate account with your YouTube account, you start getting paid when the amount of money reaches the required amount to be paid. CashCrate is among the best companies that enable you to get paid at the comfort of your home without any worries. 

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Facts about CashCrate

CashCrate is a well established company that has been in business for close to a decade now. The experience in the industry has made it become a stable and reliable paying site. The company is accepted in all countries. I want to be a stay at home mother to run a business. Therefore, it does not matter where you come from, you can still join this wonderful online company. 

Your location becomes a factor when it comes to the number of offers available. There are certain locations that have quite a lot of offers than others. I want to be a stay at home mother to pursue my own interest. Joining this GPT site is usually free of charge. You only have to create time for you to be able to complete the various offers and surveys given to you. 

You will be able to earn money within no time if you successfully complete offers provided by third-party advertisers. There are quite a number of things to do on CashCrate to earn money. They include offers, games, surveys, contests and tasks and all of them are easy to accomplish. An added advantage of joining this site is that if you refer another person to join it, there are certain incentives in store for you. 

what to do after being a stay at home mom


what to do after being a stay at home mom

Why Choose Cashcrate.Com?

1. Reliable Programs
This is from the experience the company has. It has been able to shape itself through the years and stand the test of times to create well laid out programs. There are no major issues when it comes to paying thus making the company very reliable.

2. Modes Of Payment
At CashCrate, you get paid according to your Terms of payment. You can search on the internet for payments proofs for you to be fully satisfied.

3. Unlimited 2 Level Referrals
This is an added opportunity to make more money because referring people is not such a hard task. You will be able to earn extra money in a very easy way. 


4. Totally Free Service
If you are looking for a site that has no restrictions then you have come to the right place. You do not have to invest money on the site for you to start earning money. 

5. An Open Forum
CashCrate has an open forum where staff and members get to interact and exchange ideas.yuo also have the opportunity to air out your grievances and they will be sorted out instantly. The forum is where you can find everything including the various advancements made on the site and success stories of other members. 

what to do after being a stay at home mom


Programs and Ways of Earning Money

CashCrate pays per offer and the offers vary. The number of offers also varies and they are mostly geo-targeted. The minimum cashout of the programs is usually $20.0p0 and the payments are usually made monthly. The payment period is from the 1st to the 15th day of every month. CashCrate has quite a number of payment options that are quite reliable. 

They include PayPal, Dwolla and Checks. There is always an allowance of 2 levels of affiliate programs and there is no DR limit. The referral earnings for each level differ. On level one, the referral earnings are 20% while on level 2 they are 10%. 

The levels are usually unlimited, you can refer as many people as you would like and earn money according to the number of your recruits. This is what makes CashCrate stand out from the other PTC sites. Another factor that makes CashCrate unique is the fact that there are no ads to click on. 


How to Earn Money of CashCrate.com

The following are ways of earning money on CashCrate;

1. Through Offers
If you choose to use offers as your way of earning money, then you will be able to get cash rewards. You get the rewards by trying out new products from companies and sign-up for free services and websites.

2. Through Surveys
You also get cash rewards when you undertake surveys. This is where your opinion really matters and also you must carry out research surveys to get money. 

3. Through Shopping
Here, you get money through cashbacks. You receive cashbacks after buying items. This is only possible if you make purchases at your preferred online shops in hundreds. 

4. Through Referrals
This is where you invite your friends and family to join CashCrate. You also get cash rewards if you choose this option. 

5. Through Interacting
If you choose the interacting category, you will be able to earn money in an enjoyable manner. You make money while enjoying yourself. You will get prizes just by socializing and participating in games. There are also winning contests for you to be part of. Finally, I want to be a stay at home mother to better enjoy life.

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