Whats A Good Business To Start Up

You want to start your own business ideas with no money, then the first thing you need to do is start arranging for capital. This is something most people believe in, but is not completely true. Of course, many businesses do need investment to get started, but business ideas with no money also exists. In fact, there are many such businesses that you can start, needs no investment, and you can still enjoy profits. Let us now get to discover some such amazing business ideas.

Business Ideas With No Money That Can Produce Huge Profits

whats a good business to start up

Child Care 

You like kids, like spending time with them, then babysitting could be a perfect business option for you. To begin with, you can start babysitting your neighbor’s kids, and your father’s co-worker’s kids. If they like your service then they will surely recommend you to others. You do not even need to spend anything on advertisements, as word of mouth referrals are enough. 

Serving as a nanny or a babysitter can help you earn good money, and positive referrals helps increase your business. You can also use social media platform like Craigslist and Facebook to promote your business ideas with no money. Also, do not forget to meet your friends, relatives, and neighbors personally and let them know about your new business. 

Music/Dance School 

So, you love singing or dancing, are great at it, and cannot imagine your life with it. This is then a perfect business idea for you. You can start your very own dance or music school at your home. Little children nearby are sure to be interested, and if they are happy with what they learn, you will be recommended, and this will help your business grow. You can start by offering some basic courses, and side by side, you can also join some dance/music school to hone your skill further, and then offer next level courses to your students.

whats a good business to start up


This is one of the best business ideas with no money. If you are good at any particular subject, you can offer tuitions for the same, and if you are really good, then nobody can stop you from earning big. Almost every student needs a tutor, and thus this is a great business idea. Do let your family, friends, and neighbors know that you are offering tuitions. Do not be disheartened if it starts with only3 or 4 kids, as, if you are good, it will not be long before you area teaching a room full of students. 

Beauty and Styling Service at Home 

If you have excellent knowledge about beauty and styling, then this talent of yours can help you earn good money. Baptisms, weddings, communions and so many other occasions are when everyone wants to look their best. However, not everyone has time to visit the parlor, and if you can offer them great services at home, you can earn a real good amount. You can choose your hours of work, you can offer service everyday, or may be just weekends. The more time you are ready to invest, the more will be the money you make.

whats a good business to start up


If you are good at many languages, then there are many companies that need your service. You can help them close a sale or negotiate with a foreign client, and this will help you earn big. You may even act as an interpreter in business meetings, as this can pay you very good. Be dedicated, and you are sure to make it big in this business. 

Content Writing 

Do not worry, as there is no need for you to be an expert to flourish in this business. You just need to have good writing skills, and this will be the easiest business for you. Different clients have different pay to offer, but you can choose more than one clients and write as many contents as you can. The more you write, the more you earn.

Virtual Assistant 

This is yet another great business ideas with no money and can help you earn good money. There are many companies that cannot afford a brick and mortar office. They work online, and need a virtual assistant to share various tasks, so that they can spend more time growing their business. This is a great business opportunity for you, and you can work from the comfort of your home, and do simple tasks like, attend calls, or call the clients, receive and send mails, and so on.

Personal Trainer 

Do you spend most of your hours in the gym, and are an expert in this field? If yes, then this can serve to be a great business opportunity for you. Everyone wants to look perfect, have a great body, but might not have a good gym nearby, or do not have time to visit a gym. You can be a personal trainer for such clients, and this can help you earn good. You might just spend one hour, may be three days a week or so, on a particular client. This gives you the chance to visit many clients, and if you are really good at your job, you easily will make a good amount. 

Chocolate and Cake Maker 

If making chocolates and cakes is something you love, then this is a great business idea for you. Since you already like doing these stuffs, then you surely have the moulds and all the important things you need, so there will be no investment as such. Since chocolates are something people all over the world, and cakes are the most important part of all occasions, your business will soar high, if you can offer good services.

Tiffin/Catering Service 

If you love cooking, then tiffin or catering business is something you will enjoy, while also earning good. You can contact some nearby office to get started, offer them good food at good price, and if they like it, then you will enjoy word of mouth advertisement. They will also likely use your service when they need catering for business meetings or other events. Do also let you friends and relatives know about your business so that the word can spread, and make use of social media platform to let everyone interested be aware.

These business ideas with no money are a great opportunity for teenagers, people who have retired from office, or those looking for some extra income. It gives you the opportunity to select your working hours, you are your own boss, and you are not even limited to opting for just one of the above mentioned business ideas, choose more, and earn more.

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