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Simplicity is a great tool to use to combat pollutants in the atmosphere. Sometimes when it comes to using vacuum cleaners we often hear of the name brands through the radio or on the internet, however sometimes there are some hidden gems when it comes to household cleaning. For more information on send me free coupons by mail

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So when I come across a new device or at least new to me it is only my right and my please to introduce it to the world. Now has anyone ever heard of the Tacony Corporation ? I know that is what I asked myself when I heard of the Simplicity cleaner.

It seems as though this company has been around for a very long time. To my surprise I never heard of them before the writing of this review. Which was kind of shocking to me as I thought I had a good eye on the types of vacuum units that are out there in the market. Simplicity seems to be a reliable piece of equipment.

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However, this company has been around for approximately 69 years talk about being late to the party. I did not know simplicity has been around this long. It got its first start by 1946, year I was no where around at that time but apparently there was a man by the name of Nick Tacony who had the entrepreneurial spirit was fixing sewing machines from the basement of his house. By the 1950's he was well on his way to growing his home based business by selling sewing machine parts and other accessories.

where are simplicity vacuums made

And as they say the rest history by which over the next 20 years his shop began to grow and it had the capability to acquire 2 of his competitors in his vertical landscape. Now one the reasons I am fascinated by this company is the fact that is family owned.

Now I can't speak for everyone by my personal experience has always been good when it comes to family owned businesses, why you ask ? Good question unlike big corporations family businesses has a vested interest in the results of you the consumer using their products. With simplicity they would want the best experiences possible from their consumers.

I think they try to go the extra mile because this is good business. If you think about it whenever your name is on something then it is now officially belong to you so you always want to make the best impression possible.

As well as leave your customers happy because if they are happy they will spread the word on how good your company may be. Now at the end of the day we are talking about removal of dirt from your residence but at the same time you want to have a machine that is built to last. Simplicity can make an impact on dirt and debris.

where are simplicity vacuums made TOP

Which is why I believe that most family businesses do their best to keep us consumers happy, we all want to use a product with a name we can trust. So with respect to this company it employs over 650 people and as of the year 2007 it has over $200,000,000 million in sales so my belief is that they are doing something right. Simplicity revenues seems to be really strong.

So what does this has to do with removing dust from my home, well everything, you want a quality product so in this episode I will review this brand and determine if I believe based on the data if this is a brand that a consumer should try out or not. 

Simplicity Vacuum Ease of Use and Comfort


So with respect to the use of this vacuum cleaner it is relatively easy to use. When you first begin to use it all you have to do is to hook up the hose to this area called the "inlet" this area allows the hose to be connected. Once this is in place you are well on your way to using this machine for your cleaning purposes.

Now just a word of caution make sure that the inlet area is open when using this machine and that you are always using a hose when using this vacuum. If you do not this could cause damage they may not be reversible. Always ensure that you are following directions when using this machine for your own safety. 


Now these machines has something that is called a progressive start when you turn on the vacuum cleaner in which the device will gradually come on and this is a unique feature as it allows for longer durable motor life. On the other hand if for some reason that you turned on the vacuum by mistake or forgot it running it has a very unique feature in which it will actually cut off itself after it has been on for about an hour of uninterupted usage.

This process is called an automatic stop. This comes in handy to preserve the life of the device even when your not present.

Another promising feature is that this device an indicator light component on the unit to let you know that the device is connected to a voltage source. This is good as some vacuums don't let you know if you are connected to the power source. 

where are simplicity vacuums made

What is the Information Center ?


The information center is the hub of the unit I would say. It has all the necessary information about your unit that could help you to service the unit for example. The vacuum cleaner is assemble with an on board timing device that let's you know when the unit needs servicing.

Talk about improve communication I thought this feature was awesome and worthy of noting. Now keep in in mind that these only represent signals and not actual problems with the unit as the unit itself will continue to function. However, it is nice to get something, as I remember older vacuum cleaners you never knew it needed servicing until one day it never turns on for one reason or another. 

So What about the Motor ?


The motor in very unique and it is not like other vacuum cleaners where you have to put different lubricants to keep it running. It has two carbon brushes that will more than likely need to be replaced with the normal wear and tear of the vacuum. At which point you would take the machine to an authorized and licensed vendor for repair.

Now keep in mind that the brush usage life depends on the number of hours that a user will use the machine so if you use the machine sparingly then chances are it will last longer however, if you use it more frequently then at that point it might not help you to last longer. From my understanding it is recommended that you get the brush replaced every 5 to 6 years. Just remember that the life of the brush is affected by the humidity, as well as the altitude and also the temperature.

What about the Hepa Bag ?


Well I guess this goes without saying as the bag gets full you can replace the bag, the fullness again will also depend on the frequency of the usage of the vacuum. This is where the information center comes in handy think of it like a command center for your machine it allows you to be notified when the bag gets filled.

You will get an indication through the timing device on when to change the bag. But the idea is to always keep in mind that you should change your bag when it is full. Sometimes people try to continue to use there cleaning device even though the bag is filled to the brim but that is a big mistake.

What about the filters ?


The filters should be changed after 3 initial bag changes at which point it would be time to change the filter. I believe it uses a teflon filter for durability which is a good thing. Utimately the filter is the driver behind having a clean environment so you don't want to take a chance and change it later than the 3 bag rule, this will help preserve the life of the vacuum cleaner. 

The Conclusion and Verdict


All in all I believe this vacuum cleaner like many others can do the job for any home. I like the idea that this is a family owned business and not just another corporation. My belief that family businesses uses the best materials when crafting their products. Which is why I think this device is good investment. Understanding that a clean house and environment goes well beyond vacuuming you have to continuously monitor the air quality in your home and hope that it meets your own individual standards. However, I don't think that you could go wrong with investing in devices like these because they have the power to help improve your your quality of life as it relates to air quality in your home. Until next review simplicity.

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