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Linden essential oil is also known as lime blossom oil but it is not extracted from or related to citrus lime in any way. In addition to this, it is also referred to as basswood. Linden Blossom has for a long time being used as a relaxing tea in Europe. Some of the tea benefits of this tea include relieving stress, nausea, hysteria, and palpitations. The use of linden blossom as an essential oil is less known particularly in North America. However, its popularity has been noted to be increasing gradually especially as it has wide applications in aromatherapy. The oil is safe for use by everyone; the young and the old alike. 

Origin and extraction 

Blossom essential oil is extracted from the Linden blossom plant that mostly grows in England as well as other parts of the northern hemisphere. The extract’s chemical composition includes pro-anthocyanidins, phenolics, farnesol, and gallocathechol tannins. The extract also contains small amounts of aliphatic hydrocarbons and dibutyl phthalate. The extraction of this oil is done through a process called steam distillation. Much of the extract is distilled from the sapwood and the flower of the Linden Blosson plant. 

Linden Essential Oil Magical Potion Properties

where to purchase essential oils near me

Therapeutic applications 

While the research on the specific benefits and health advantages of the essential are yet to be concluded, the oil has exceedingly great therapeutic benefits that are crucial in the treatment of blood pressure. In addition to this, the diuretic properties of the essential oil make it efficient in detoxifying the body, lowering high blood pressure, and in easing the digestion & absorption of food. Moreover, the oil is considered to be a useful tonic for internal organs such as the liver.

When used in the treatment of liver conditions, the oil drains the bile in the liver by means of a non –aggressive method unlike conventional medicines that cause severe aggression on the liver. What is more amazing about the linden essential oil is that it also contains unique antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains ascorbic acid, carotene, phytoncide, glycoside, and saponins-, which are useful in the healing and rejuvenation of the body. A combination of these compounds and the calming properties make the oil an efficient stress buster. Further, it is used in relieving anxiety and hyperactivity. 

The beautiful fragrance of the blossom essential oil helps in relieving headaches and migraines. Recent research studies have shown that the oil’s soothing effect can also be quite beneficial in countering insomnia and general lack of sleep especially for people who are stressed.

where to purchase essential oils near me

Skin nourishment benefits 

For people suffering from skin conditions like acne, the linden essential oil is used in the formulation of skin and facial creams, lotions, and supplements. In addition to this, due to the oil’s strong natural fragrances, it is used in the manufacture of cosmetics, massage oils, and artificial fragrances. It is believed that the oil possesses great skin rejuvenation properties and as such, it gives a youthful and radiant appearance to people who apply it on their skins. In the manufacture of hair care products like shampoos, the oil is used as a chief ingredient. 

Benefits of using the oil 

The benefits of blossom essential oil are beyond just in human beings as it is also noted to be effective in animals too. For instance, it is administered to animals like cats, dogs, and horses recovering from abuse to help them regain their original health conditions. The essential oil is widely used in centers for rescued animals.

Safety precautions to observe when using linden essential oil 

It is worth noting that even though linden essential oil is very useful and beneficial in treating various conditions; great care should be taken when using the oil. This is because if misused or wrongly handled, it can have far-reaching effects and negative implications on its users. For starters, you should never take the oil internally unless with prescriptions from a doctor or a pro- herbalist. In addition to this, the oil should not be applied undiluted on the skin. Instead, it should be diluted using solutions such as cassie, benzoin, neroli, and clary sage. 

Prolonged use of this essential oil can easily cause skin irritation and allergy. To be on the safe side when using the oil, you should ensure that you follow the guidance of a physician or through the advice of a genuine aromatherapy practitioner.

How to use linden essential oil 

Ideally, the way you should use linden essential oil is dependent on the condition that you are treating. When you are using the oil to relieve stress and anxiety, put only 2 drops of the oil in a bath and add 2 drops of Palmarosa or any other preferable blend. In case you are using it as a remedu for insomnia, soak cotton wool in about 10mls of the oil and place it inside your pillowcase.

where to purchase essential oils near me

Lesser-known health benefits of linden blossom extract 

Although linden essential oil is popular for its common health benefits, only few people know about its other health benefits. For instance, it is used as a free radical neutralizer due to its antioxidant properties like quercetin. The oil removes these radicals from the body through cellular respiration thereby improving the immune resistance of the body against chronic diseases. People who suffer from severe skin allergies find the oil quite efficient in treating their skin condition. It may also be a useful remedy for people with extensive sunburns. 

You can also prevent and possibly treat different types of cancers using this essential oil. The antioxidant properties of the oil prevent mutation in body cells, consequently preventing the likelihood of cancerous cells forming or spreading in the body.

There is no harm in linden essential oil being used by children but even so, it should be kept away from their reach. For pregnant women, it is advisable to avoid the use or contact with the oil until after giving birth. Specifically, expectant mothers should not use the oil with the first 3-4 months of pregnancy. This lowers the chances and possibilities of miscarriages occurring. However, the oil may be helpful in childbirth as it helps in reducing labor pains. The use of the oil during pregnancy should only be done with the guidance and prescription of specialists of essential oils. 

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