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Magnolia is a flowering plant that is in the family of Magnoliaceae family. The term Magnolia is a general name that refers to the flowers that are in the family stated above. These types of flowers are native in East and South Asia.

These types of flowers grow on shrubs and they are have adapted over time this has enabled them to survive even under harsh conditions. Not only have the flowers adapted but they have also developed nutrients that are valuable and organic compound. This has helped the flower to have nutritional benefit to human beings.

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The essential oil regardless of it being beneficial to human beings, one is reminded to be cautious when using it. Pregnant women and women who are lactating should not use products that do have the essential oil products. Everyone should consult with their doctors before they can use the product.

This will help the user to know whether the essential oil will cause any serious health conditions to them. The essential oil blends well with a number of other types of oils such as:

Magnolia Essential Oil Magical Properties and Features

which essential oils are 100 pure

· Sandalwood

· Geranium

· Jasmine

· Rose

· Lime

· Clary sage

Ingredients of magnolia essential oil

Different essential oil brands they do add different ingredients to their products to make them unique and more useful. There are only three major ingredients that are natural occurring in  essential oil. These are Corticosteroids, Magnolol and Honokiol which have different benefits to human body. Read on to know more on their benefits

Benefits of essential oil

· Cancer prevention

The barks of the shrubs can be peeled off and they can be boiled, rolled, steamed or dried in a herbal tincture. The essential oil is known to help in prevention of some types of cancer especially the prostate cancer. This is because of its bark has the Magnolol compound which help in suppressing the multiplication and the spreading of the prostate cancer cells.

· The oil can be used in treatment of menstrual cramps

The flowers and the bark of magnolia flowers they do contains compounds that are volatile and the compounds are considered soothing agents. Soothing or relaxing agents are well known to help in reducing tension on muscle and inflammation.

The consuming of the essential oil will help in reducing the discomfort that is experienced when is having their menstrual cramps or any discomfort. Not only is this essential oil good in alleviating the pain but it is also good in reducing any mood swings that may be experienced. One major benefit of using essential oil in relieving menstrual cramps is that it offers a fast relief.

which essential oils are 100 pure

· Alzheimer’s disease

For people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s or any other disease that is associated with cognitive ability they can use Magnolia essential oil. This is because of the Magnolol compound that is present in the essential oil. The Magnolol compound helps in stimulating the acetylcholine levels in the brain.

There is also the Honokiol which also helps in increasing the brain activity especially when it comes to memory. This helps in improving the memory of those people, who are suffering from any cognitive disorder by helping in preventing any stress that is oxidative.

magnolia essential oil

· Anxiety treatment

The compound Honokiol has the anxiolytic qualities which do affect the hormonal balance in the body. This affects the hormones directly especially the ones that are stress related. The anxiolytic qualities in the Honokiol compound they help in regulating the endocrine system.

Through regulation of the endocrine system by reducing the level of anxiety and stress this is enabled through lowering the hormone release in the body and making the mind to be relaxed.

Honokiol compound can help people who are suffering from depression. This is by helping the body to release the dopamine and the “pleasure” hormones which will help in alleviating one’s mood within a very short time.

which essential oils are 100 pure

· Magnolia essential oil helps in respiratory issues.

For a long time the essential oil has been used for treating diseases that are relate to the respiratory system. Some of these respiratory diseases are coughing, asthma, bronchitis and excess phlegm. This oil has the natural occurring corticosteroids in their compounds help to treat even stubborn diseases which are hard to treat. For instance it is very hard to treat Asthma since the patient who is suffering from it needs to use an inhale which has steroids.

· It's also used in treatment of diabetes.

Diabetes treatment is among the functions of Magnolia essential oil which has led to most people using it. The barks of the Magnolia shrubs have the compounds which have similar qualities as Cortisol. Cortisol is a reducing factor which helps in the reduction of stress in the body.

Cortisol plays a huge role in helping in the regulation of the amount of blood sugar that is released by the body. The active ingredients in Magnolia essential oil perform this role very effectively which helps in preventing one from getting diabetes. For people who are already suffering from diabetes they can use essential oil to help them keep their level of blood sugar in stable conditions.

· It can help in weight management

For people who are underweight the use Magnolia essential oil can help in increasing their appetite. This is because of the natural occurring corticosteroid which leads to one developing craving for food.

· Magnolia essential oil can be used in maintaining liver health

Magnolia essential oil is known for stimulating the lymphatic system and helps in making the liver to function properly and help in toxins elimination. Magnolia helps in preventing fat from building up around the liver. The buildup of fat around the liver is among the major causes of liver failure due to various reasons. For people who have quit alcohol and who take alcohol they can still use this essential oil to help in protecting any damage caused by alcohol to the liver as they age.

· Anti-allergenic.

The corticosteroid that is found in Magnolia helps one in not getting allergic reactions. This is by increasing one’s strength when it comes to the allergy they have towards things.

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