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Essick humidifier ? Now that you have acquired your humidifier, there is great need to ensure that it serves you even longer than stipulated. In this regard, it is important to know some of the strategies that can help you keep your humidifier in the right condition. Note that a malfunctioning humidifier is not only an added budget but a health hazard to the users as well.

Understanding the functionality of your Essick Humidifier is the simplest way of coming up with effective maintenance strategies. Here are simple yet effective strategies to help you reduce the risks posed by a malfunctioning humidifier and to make it serve you longer:

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1. Change Water On Daily Basis

It is important to acknowledge that stagnant water provides bacteria and molds with the best breeding environment. It is for this reason that you need to ensure that your humidifier water is changed on daily basis. Fresh water will definitely discourage bacteria and other living organisms from breeding and multiplying. Needless to say, mold and bacteria are a big threat to the health of any person and to the functionality of your humidifier.

You must note that changing water in your humidifier is not as simple as emptying and refilling. You also need to wipe down the water reservoir. This is to ensure that any bacteria or mold attached on the walls of the reservoir are removed.

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2. Use Distilled Water

Most people have the perception that a humidifier can use any water. For your information, regular water may not be healthy for you when used in your humidifier. In addition, regular water may be a threat to the functionality your humidifier. It has been revealed that regular water has high level of minerals as compared to distilled water. The use of regular water in your humidifier is one of the reasons behind the production of white powder. It is also the main cause of damage in the internal parts. 

It is therefore recommended that you make use of distilled water in your humidifier. This will ensure that the moisture produced is clean and a harmless. It is also an ideal way of protecting the functionality of the humidifier.

why is there so much dust in my room

3. Clean The Entire Humidifier At Least Once A Week

The most important maintenance strategy for your Essick humidifier is to ensure that it remains clean all the time. It is important to remember that humidifiers are prone to clogging. This implies that if not cleaned regularly, your humidifier may be adversely affected.

The cleaning process of your humidifier must be thorough. However, it is imperative to mind the delicate internal parts when cleaning. The use of soft-bristled brush when cleaning your humidifier is recommended. This is to ensure tender scrubbing especially in the internal parts. Here are easy steps to follow when cleaning your Essick humidifier:

Ensure that the unit is turned off before you dismantle. It is very easy to ruin the functionality of your humidifier if you dismantle it when powered. You may also experience an electric shock in the process and that is why you should turn it off first.

Remove the reservoir and clean it thoroughly. It is recommended that you first put at least 2/3 of water into the reservoir and allow it to rest for about 20 minutes before emptying it. This helps in ensuring that all chlorine existing in the tank is removed. Be sure to make the water reach the far corners of the reservoir in order to ensure thorough cleaning.

Clean the filter under running water- If the filter of your humidifier is washable, then you should rinse it under running water. Better still, you can immerse it in a water container and allow it to dry before reinstalling it.

Any residual water at the base of your humidifier should be removed. Undiluted clear vinegar should then be used to clean the base. It is recommended that you should allow the vinegar to stand at the base of your humidifier for at least 20 minutes before emptying it. A little water may be added to help in rinsing residual vinegar at the base.

Wipe the outer part of your humidifier- This should be done using warm water. You can also apply some vinegar on the wiping cloth to ensure that the outer part of the unit is sparkling clean in the end.

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4. Replace The Filter

Another way of ensuring that your Essick humidifier lasts for a remarkably long time is changing the filter occasionally. It is important to note that humidifier filters are bound to wear as time passes. This means that replacement is indispensable. It should be understood that for your humidifier to produce the best moisture circulation, the filter has to be in the right condition. 

Instead of picking just any other filter replacement, it would be best to go for a perfect match. You must confirm the model of your Essick Humidifier and choose a matching filter. 


5. Put Your Humidifier In A Clear Environment

The environment that your Essick humidifier is placed in has a lot to do with the longevity of its service. In order to ensure that you get the best service from your humidifier, it is best to place it is a clear environment.

In other words, there should be no obstacles within the area that the humidifier operates. It is possible for the unit to take in some dust particles or other tiny things. In addition, mold and bacteria develop well in crowded and wet areas. In this regard, it would be best to ensure that the position of your humidifier is not only clean but clear as well. That way, its functionality will not be under any threat.


It is pretty clear that you have to contribute a lot in ensuring that the lifespan of your Essick Humidifier is long enough. Major emphasis is on the cleaning aspect and that is why you must watch that closely. You must remember that replacement of a humidifier calls for a hefty budget. This is why maintenance should always be taken seriously. With proper maintenance, it will take long before you consider buying a new humidifier.


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