Why The Dryer Is Not Heating Up

Not heating up ? faulty dryer can be very frustrating especially if you have no idea on what could be wrong. If you are in a situation where the dryer is not hot, several things could be wrong in it. These types of faults can be diagnosed and fixed easily depending on the type of the dryer that you have.

The most popular dryers in the market are the gas and the electric dryers and we shall look into some of the commons faults that cause them to stop producing heat. Here are some of the faults that can lead to not heating up and how they can be fixed.

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• Faulty heating elements

Heat in electric dryers is generated by the heating elements that are enclosed in a metal chamber. Heating elements are coils that create heat when an electric current flows through them. If these coils become faulty either by loose connections or defective coils, the dryer will be unable to produce the required heat.

The best way to fix this kind of fault is first checking if there is any loose connection. The second diagnosis that you should make is testing the continuity of the element using a multi-meter. If there is no continuity, consider replacing the elements.

why the dryer is not heating up

Dryer Not Heating Up Check Out These Elements To Find A Fix

why the dryer is not heating up

• Cycling Thermostat

These are thermostats that control or regulate the temperature of the dryer's drum. They are designed to turn on and off the heating element and this helps in maintaining the correct amount of heat in the drum. After using the dryer for some time, these thermostats may become defective and thus disconnecting power to the dryer. You should, therefore, check these thermostats to ascertain if they are in good condition since they can be the reason the dryer is failing to heat up.

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• High Limit Thermostat

This is a safety device that prevents the dryer from overheating in case the exhaust vent becomes restricted. In such a case restricted vent, it causes the high limit thermostat to strip thus interrupting the power circuit. The device is common both the electric and gas dryer.

Once the circuit is interrupted, the heating elements will fail to produce heat. You can rectify this fault by testing the continuity of the high limit thermostat with a multimeter and if there is none, consider replacing it and also correcting the restricted vent system.

why the dryer is not heating up

What About The Flame Sensor ?

• Radiant Flame Sensor

Also referred to as the radiant sensor, it is a device that is common gas dryers. The sensor is designed to sense from either the burner or the igniter and it is located next to the igniter. The radiant flame sensor works by detecting heat from the igniter to open the gas valve. It also works by detecting the heat from the burner flames to keep the valve open.

If this sensor is faulty or defective, the igniter will not glow and the gas valve will fail to open and there will be no heat produced. You should disconnect the dryer from power and test the continuity of this sensor with a multi-meter if the igniter does not glow. If there is no continuity, replace the radiant sensor with a functional one.

• Faulty Igniter

The newest gas dryers come with a glow bar or the igniter that ignites that gas released by the gas valve to generate heat. It comes in different shapes e.g. as fragile a coil or flat depending on the model of the dryer and should be handled carefully.

The device is mounted next to the gas valve and it works by igniting the released gas to generate the required heat. If is faulty, they will not glow to ignite the gas and thus, there will be no heat produced by the dryer. Check their continuity by the use of a multi-meter to ascertain if they require replacement.

What About The Timer ?

• Timer

A faulty timer could be the reason for your not heating up. A timer is an essential part of the dryer and it works by turning on and off the dryer automatically. It contains some small motors connected to a series of gears rotating the cams. The time controls both the motor and heat circuits and thus, if it becomes faulty, it can result in dryer stopping to generate heat.

To fix this, the contacts should be tested for continuity with a multi-meter. If there is no continuity, the timer will require being replaced with a functional one.

These are some of the common causes of not heating up in both the electric and gas dryers. The faults are easy to diagnose and to fix. If you have no idea about the dryers, it is be advisable to hire the services of an expert to repair the dryer. 

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why the dryer is not heating up

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